Aug 9, 2022

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President Muhammadu Buhari Appoints Doyin Salami as Chief Economic Adviser –

  • President Muhammadu Buhari has finally appointed a chief economic advisor after almost 7 years as Nigerian leader
  • The president chose Chief Doyin Salami, one Senior Lecturer at Lagos Business School, where he leads meetings on the business environment of companies
  • Adedoyin has written extensively on the Nigerian economy and is currently on the board of directors of African Business Research Ltd. , First World Communities, among others

Aso Rock – President Muhammadu Buhari has the appointment of Chief Doyin. approves Salami as chief economic advisor.

Salami, 59, chairman of the president’s economic advisory board, is also the managing director of a consulting firm.

Salami, a 1989 PhD in Economics from Queen Mary College, University of London, is a member of the Adjunct Faculty of Lagos Business School (LBS), Pan-Atlantic University, where he recently earned the rank of Senior Fellow / Associate Professor.

Part of the statement reads:

“The President’s Chief Economic Advisor is expected to address all domestic economic issues and present his views on them to the President; closely monitor national and international developments and trends and develop appropriate political responses; Developing national economic policies and recommending them to the President, among other things, to promote macroeconomic stability, promote growth, create jobs and eradicate poverty. “

President Buhari appoints the Deputy General Controller of the Federal Fire Brigade < / h2>

Similarly, President Buhari has approved the appointment of Deputy General Controller (DCG) Karebo Samson as Acting General Controller of the Federal Fire Brigade (FFS).

The spokesman for the service, Ugo Huan, announced this in a statement on Thursday, December 30th.

DCG Samson became after the resignation of the FFS-CG , Dr. Liman Ibrahim, appointed.

President Buhari makes a new appointment in the energy sector and appoints a new minister

Senate President Ahmad Lawan read Buhari’s letter in which he urged the Senate to review and approve the candidate for an appointment during the plenary session on Tuesday morning, December 14th.

Sambo replaces former Power Minister Sale Mamman, who was dismissed in September as well as the former Agriculture Minister Sabo Nanono.