Sep 21, 2021

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Prominent Islamic Cleric Sheik Gumi Lambasts Femi Adesina Over Bandits’ Lover Comment

  • A fiery Islamic scholar, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, responded to a comment by the President’s adviser Femi Adesina
  • Adesina, who is the special adviser of the President’s Media and Public Relations, had described Gumi as a lover of bandits
  • However, the Islamic clergyman stated that he was a military service officer who had the skills of the military

Kaduna – For labeling as a “bandit lover”, an Islamic cleric from the state of Kaduna, Sheik Ahmad Gumi, has Femi Adesina, the special advisor, media and public relations to President Muhammadu Buhari, beaten up.

He said he was a military officer who knows what the military is for and also his ability.

Gumi added that he is an Islamic scholar who knows the immorality, innocent life n and says that silence is not an option for him in the ocean of oblivion.

Part of the statement was:

“You bootlicker, who called me a bandit lover! I am not one, but my country lover, my region lover, my friend of the state and my philanthropist and lover of humanity.

“I am a qualified doctor who knows what it is to remove a brain tumor precisely without the sensitive surrounding area Destroying brain tissue. I was a military officer who knows what the military is for and what the capabilities of our military are. I am an overseas intellectual with a PhD. I am an Islamic scholar who knows the immorality, innocent life So silence is not an option for me in this ocean of oblivion.

“Only a fool would allow his home to be a theater of war. Alas, how many fools there are. Killing rats in your rat infested living room with an iron bar will only result in your appliances and furniture being destroyed, likely without killing them. We shouldn’t cover up bad governance with artillery power.

He claimed his mission to negotiate with shepherd bandits had not failed, but was sabotaged or discouraged by the same influential people who did it benefit the chaos.

Gumi added:

“Some said we tried amnesty but it didn’t work. You didn’t deal with amnesty tried, but with amnesia. Amnesty without rehabilitation, reconciliation and reparation is not amnesty. Ask the former Niger Delta militants who have killed security guards in the past what an amnesty is. What prevents us from establishing a federal ministry for nomadic affairs in which your complaints and complaints are dealt with? “

Read the full explanation below:

The presidency replies Sheikh Gumi, says bandits go to hell

It was reported that Gumi noted that the current military attack on bandits in Zamfara state and other parts of the northwest would not be the desired Bring results.

The President’s spokesman came against the cleric on Thursday September 9th, saying that Gumi’s position on the military bombing of the bandits was “wrong . “