Dec 9, 2021

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Property worth millions destroyed as fire guts River Valley Estate in Ojodu Berger

  • Some residents of the state of Lagos lost their belongings after a fire burned part of a property in the Ojodu-Berger axis
  • According to reports, the fire incident from a businessman’s home was dismissed by the defendant
  • Meanwhile, eyewitnesses said that no life was lost in the incident on the night of November 24th

Some residents of the River Valley Estate in the Ojodu Berger area of ​​Lagos state lost millions of property after a nightly fire.

< According to reports, the fire went out in the apartment of a businessman from Abuja who sells optical lenses and glasses.

He was using the apartment as a warehouse and had around two containers of goods in stock in the apartment. He is said to have packed the boxes with glasses wearers in his apartment to the ceiling.

However, he debunked this claim by saying that he had no gasoline in the kitchen or the toilet and the kitchen was crammed with goods.

He is said to have had a bed in one of the rooms by now.

According to him At the time the fire brigade came, his room was not completely covered by the fire. He said a container of these goods cost about $ 400,000.

He talked about his losses and said he was still at the mercy of God.

< p class = "align-left"> In the meantime, no people were killed in the fire.

Local residents scream as bandits take new steps, erect roadblocks, collect taxes in Zamfara

< p class = "align-left"> In the meantime, the residents of Magami in the Gusau municipal administration area in the state of Zamfara have sounded the alarm about deteriorating security and have asked the government for help to save their communities from the rampaging bandits / p>

According to what they say, the bandits usually erect roadblocks to collect the dues and complain that if the bandits fail to pay the dues, they would either destroy that person’s farm or he would or she would be kidnapped .

However, the newspaper went on to state that the state police command had rejected the report, saying that there had been no previous complaints about the destruction of farmland by the bandits.

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