Dec 7, 2022

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Prophet Reveals What God Told Him About Osun State Governorship Election –

  • Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi has stated that the winner of the Osun state gubernatorial election will be the highest rigger
  • According to the Overseer General of King of Kings Ministry of Liberation worldwide, the APC will win the election
  • To go further, the Prophet claimed that the PDP will definitely lose the gubernatorial election next July
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    Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi, Overseer General of the King of Kings Worldwide Liberation Ministry, Gbonum Ulepa Ntezi, Administrative Area of ​​Ishielu Municipality, Ebonyi State, has declared that the upcoming elections will be held in Osun State will be won by the All Progressives Congress (APC).

    However, Prophet Chukwudi said the election will be far from free and fair because although the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP ) is the party the Osun people would vote for, God has i hm shown that the All Progressives Congress (APC) will be involved in massive manipulations and will ultimately emerge as the winner of the elections.

    He expressly states that an uncle of the famous musician Davido is defeated in an unfair result.

    Hear him: I have a prophecy regarding the upcoming elections in Osun State. I’ve been shown massive manipulation and seen the winners lose.

    The man who should dance and rejoice cannot win. People elected David’s uncle but there will be massive manipulations and PDP cannot win.

    I see massive manipulations by the APC government in the state and through this massive manipulations they will succeed . APC will emerge victorious from this massive rigging.

    The rigger will emerge victorious. This is what God is revealing to me.

    Prophecy: Atiku Abubakar will be next Nigerian President, declares Southeastern prophet

    Remember the Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi revealed the name of the next Nigerian President.

    According to him, God who gave him the revelation had made it a burden to him and prevented him from finding peace of mind until he tells all that was revealed to him.

    The Prophet, in a statement provided to, insisted that the North should have power will be kept in 2023.

    Prophecy: If Atiku does not rule Nigeria, an Igbo man can never become president, claims the Prophet

    Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi says he saw revelations about the upcoming 2023 election.

    The cleric claimed that on Novembe 15, God sent him r said in no uncertain terms in 2015 that nothing could stop Atiku Abubakar from becoming President of Nigeria. He said that the Atiku presidency will pave the way for the Igbo presidency.