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Report: Controversy Looms over Undue Promotion of VP Osinbajo, Aisha Buhari’s ADCs –

  • The police duo of Ayoola Oladunni and Usman Shugaba, who currently serve as ADCs to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and First Lady Aisha Buhari, are in a mix of controversies
  • The duo have reportedly been promoted from the ranks of the Chief Superintendents of Police (CSP) to the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP)
  • < strong>However, this promotion has caused many controversial comments as it is believed that they should not be promoted

FCT, Abuja – New reports have confirmed a serious controversy that lingers within the Nigerian National Police (NPF).

A report by the Daily Trust newspaper published on Thursday, Am June 30, it is said that Police Officers Ayoola Oladunni and Usman Shugaba, currently serving as aides to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and First L Ady Aisha Buhari have been unfairly promoted by the RA NK from Chief Superintendents of Police (CSP) to the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) by the Police Service Commission.

The newspaper report recorded that the duo entered the police force in 2002 with their secondary school diploma, while their colleagues who joined the police force with their high institutional qualifications have yet to be promoted.

Results showed that an officer who joins the force with his/her high school diploma as a cadet cannot receive double elevation as his/her peers who entered the force with degrees.

In ranking order, an inducted cadet can only receive five promotions, starting from the rank of inspector through to ACP; from ASP to DSP; from DSP to SP; from SP to CSP and finally the rank of ACP.

Meanwhile, an officer who entered the police force with a degree can only advance through the ranks three times, but he/she will start from a higher rank than the secondary school holder.

This means that a college graduate starts from rank ASP to DSP; from DSP to SP and then from SP to CSP.

Injured police officers react

In response to the development, some injured police officers vented their displeasure at the change of events.

An official who preferred anonymity said:

“One of the reasons why various sectors in this country are in coma is this Kind of scenario where proper processes are not followed.

“In fact, this is one of the reasons why security challenges are escalating in this country. Every time a security agent or any officer thinks about his future and realizes that there is no hope because many things have been falsified, he would just look for a way out.”

Executives react

A senior official, who also asked for anonymity while expressing his opinion, stated that the Vice President’s and the President’s wife’s newly promoted ADCs are likely to be impacted in the future .

He referred to President Goodluck Jonathan’s former ADC, DIG Jitoboh, who failed to become Inspector General of Police because he was in the ranks where he based, had inappropriately worked up favoritism.

Similarly, a former police commissioner, Lawrence Alobi, stated that the trend of inappropriate promotions in the police force tainted da s image of the entire police force.

He described it as a trend that is killing discipline within the police force.

Alobi said:

“It is surprising to me that an Inspector should even pass an ASP to become an ACP, while the Cadet ASP is still a CSP. It’s one-sidedness and it’s not meant to be.

“Frankly, it’s very demoralizing and it kills discipline too. What outstanding work did the individual do to achieve this type of rapid promotion via a cadet ASP to another ACP rank? an undeserved trend by correcting wrongdoings within the police force.

Magu is still being prosecuted despite promotion, says Police Minister

In another report: The Nigerian Police Service Commission has issued a statement on former EFCC Chief Ibrahim Magu.

Recall that Magu, who was recently promoted to the rank of AIG in the Nigerian Police Force was previously investigated for alleged involvement in the diversion of salvaged loot.

The Ministry of Police Affairs said Magu is still being prosecuted if found in the report presented by the panel.

Ex-IGP reveals how politicians deceived him and took all his life savings

Meanwhile , Ex-IGP, MIke Okiro has explained how he is supported by some politicians from the Nigerian Po lizei was cheated out of his life savings seat in the Nigerian Senate and collected money from him until he got fed up.

According to Okiro, Nigerian elections should not depend on who the voters do highest money can pay.