Dec 9, 2021

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Residents Cry Out as Bandits Stage Fresh Move, Mount Road Block, Collect Taxes in Zamfara

  • Residents of LGA Gusau in the state of Zamfara appeal to the government to help them with the security of their lives
  • The residents recently gave one public outcry over the recent move of bandits in their area and called for government intervention.
  • Meanwhile, residents announced that bandits are destroying their farmland and levying them

Zamfara State – The attack by bandits in Zamafara State has taken a new turn as they began blackmailing residents in some communities.

Latest reports show that the bandits are now collecting taxes from the people through roadblocks.

Vanguard reports that the residents of Magami in the municipal administration area of ​​Gusau in the state of Zamfara have alarmed about the deteriorating security defeated and asked the government for help in bailing out their communities from aging bandits who have levied them.

According to you, the bandits usually put up roadblocks, to collect the dues, lamenting that if the bandits didn’t pay the dues, they would either destroy that person’s farm or they would be kidnapped.

They said:

“If you fail to pay the levy to the bandits, they will either kidnap you or burn your farmland.”

However, the newspaper went on to state that that State Police Command rejected the report, saying there had been no previous complaints about the destruction of farmland by the bandits.

The recent move of bandits

A native of Magami said in a telephone interview that the area is in dire straits ophe am.

According to him:

“If you leave Gusau before you reach Magami, it is a Herculean task, unless you have one Escort. Since the murder of Mobile Police, MOPOL men in one day, they have blocked the street four to five times. They stop large vehicles and empty their contents. They also collect taxes.

“If you drive to Magami, one kilometer from Magami, the bandits can stop you, either kidnap you or ask you to pay taxes. Since Monday they have set fire to two farms in Magami because they did not pay the bandits any taxes.

The distress of the farmers

“The farmers went to harvest corn, but the bandits heard on them and set the farms on fire. They held two women hostage. The bandits confiscated a new vehicle from the farmers, but later released the women.

“The bandits demanded money before the farmers could mobilize and pay, the bandits set fire to the farms and threatened them if they had no money given, they will continue to burn the farms.

He lamented that the life of the residents, although stationed in the city of Magami, depends on Almighty Allah because He is the only one who can protect them and adds: “This is our daily problem and our daily concern.”

The group blames the failure of the intelligence services for the recent assassination of the army general and others

The activists also complained about the kidnappings and robberies by bandits, saying the attacks were not just a setback to the war on insecurity, but a blatant embarrassment for the armed forces and Nigeria in general.

The group made particular reference to the recent broad day abduction of travelers along Abuja Kaduna Strait, an attack in Borno in which a General and three other soldiers were killed, the attack on a train to Kaduna-Abuja and several others as clear examples of intelligence failure.