Nov 28, 2021

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Restructuring: Why Tinubu Keeps Quiet, Edwin Clark Makes Fresh Allegation against APC Leader

  • An elderly statesman and national leader of the Ijaw, Chief Edwin Clark, has spoken again about why Nigeria needs to be restructured
  • Clark blamed the APC – Leader Bola Tinubu to avoid restructuring talks because of his interest in the 2023 presidency
  • The Ijaw leader also urged President Buhari to take appropriate steps to implement the Nasir El report – Rufai Committee on Restructuring

FCT, Abuja – Chief Edwin Clark, a national leader of the Ijaw, has Bola Tinubu. accused the national chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for fear of speaking about agitation for restructuring Nigeria.

The Cable reported that Clark made the allegation at a press conference in Abuja on Wednesday November 24th.

He said:

“The tinubus that did this Manifesto restructured APC have not spoken because they fear that if they do, they will not be allowed to run for the presidency of the country from 2023. “

Although many of his Employees and political protégés have started campaigning for him, Tinubu has not officially declared its intention to compete for the 2023 presidency.

Nigerians want restructuring

Clark also said that many Nigerians said the country should be restructured to end the unrest across the country.

The Ijaw leader also said the Nigerians are ready to accept the implementation of the 2014 National Conference or the APC’s El Rufai committee report.

He called on President Muhammadu Buhari to convene a meeting of Nigerian officials to discuss the report of the El Rufai Committee on Vanguard restructuring. to advise also reported.

Further demands for restructuring Nigeria

Meanwhile a former deputy nation The chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), boss Bode George, has stated that restructuring is the only way to save Nigeria.

He added that it would be wrong and even cynical to pretend the current Nigerian structure is be smooth and flawless.

President Buhari agrees Okay, Restructuring Act if it is passed by federal legislators

He made the comment as the national one The executive branch of the Ijaw National Congress (INC) under the direction of Professor Benjamin Okaba visited Villa in Abuja at the presidential meeting.

The President noted that the National Assembly, whose task it is is to amend the Constitution that has completed regional consultations.