Dec 9, 2021

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Revealed: Faces of 4 Deadly Kidnappers Smashed in Rivers, Who Uses Facebook, WhatsApp to Lure Victims

  • Some young men were recently arrested for reportedly kidnapping victims on Facebook and WhatsApp
  • Force Intelligence Response Team staff took four Kidnappers in. fest Rivers, Port Harcourt
  • During the interrogation, the suspects confessed to kidnapping, torturing and robbing victims in the state

Port Harcourt River State – A kidnapping syndicate that uses Facebook and WhatsApp to lure its victims has hit its Waterloo in Port Harcourt.

Recently, the Force Intelligence Response Team (IRT), in collaboration with officers from the Rivers State Police Command, arrested the kidnapping syndicate, reported PM News.

Die Suspects admitted during interrogation that they had kidnapped, tortured, assaulted and robbed their victims.

They admitted that their targets were usually female and have been around since January Ransom money collected from at least ten 10 women in 2021 with N5 million as the highest ransom.

The suspects

The Suspects caught are identified simply as:

  1. Izunna Fidelis, 21 years
  2. Humble unit Okeregwu, 24 years
  3. Izuchukwu Nwaobiri, 22 years
  4. Chibeze Nwike, 23 years old

How they were arrested

According to the police for suspects to get the attention of their victims They go to their respective Facebook pages posing as foreigners working in multinational oil companies in Rivers state, professing their love and proposing marriage to their Facebook friends in order to lure them into the trap / p>

Police said their arrest was based on a report of a ransom kidnapping and gang sexual assault on a 27-year-old woman identified simply as Happiness on August 28, 2021 followed.

How it works

According to the leader of the gang, Nwaobiri:

“The first, what we do is search facebook profiles for beautiful girls. Then we would add them to our friends lists. Each of us works on different people. I started a conversation with my supposed girl, exchanging courtesies and telling her that I worked for an oil company. I also asked her whether she was married or single.

“It takes time to get used to them, let’s say two to three months. After that we would move on to WhatsApp chats and then phone calls, and when the friendship is established we will invite them to the company’s base, which is a bush, where they will be blindfolded and calls will be forwarded to their families. ” / blockquote>

Nwaobiri added:

“I started this year because of the circumstances. My mother is late, my father has a stroke and I took care of everything. I was involved in seven cases, but successfully in four cases.

“We only sleep with our prisoners if they don’t cooperate. That is, if they don’t pressure their relatives to pay ransom. ”

EFCC declares wanted 24-year-old and shares picture of suspect for nationwide identification

The Anti-Transplant Agency said in a statement posted on its official Facebook page on Monday, September 20th, a 24-year-old identified as wanted Adewale Daniel Jayeoba.

Jayeoba, a native of Ori-Ade Local Authority, Osun State, is Director of Marketing for Wales Kingdom Capital.