Aug 4, 2021

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Revealed: Three Grave Mistakes Late Gulak Made that Cost him his Life, Police

– Ahmed Gulak, the late APC chief who was killed by armed men in Imo on Sunday 30 May, began his journey from Imo to Abuja without a security escort < / strong>

– This was announced by State Police Commissioner Abutu Yaro in a press release on Sunday

– In addition, Yaro announced that, for reasons unknown up to now, Gulag would follow an irregular route on the way to the airport in Imo

Imo Police Command revealed why armed men who killed Ahmed Gulak, the late former national leader of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), had easy access to him.

The Police Commissioner, Abutu Yaro, on Sunday May 30th, via the spokesman for the command, Bala Alkana, The Nation reports that, in view of the fragile security situation in the state, Gulak had not informed the security authorities about his move.

In the s The commissioner also announced that Gulak had dismissed the state from The Cable also reported that he had left his hotel room without a police escort.

In addition, Yaro revealed that the murdered former aide Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was on his way to the airport by a Jonathan Taxi driver guided along an irregular route.

Part of the explanation read:

“Ahmed Gulak left his room at the Protea Hotel without the police or the sister authorities in view of the fragile security situation in the south-east and in particular from Imo.

“He went without a security escort while the taxi driver took an irregular route. Six armed bandits who drove in a Toyota Sienna took Ahmed Gulak near Umueze Obiangwu in the government district of Ngor-Okpala to the airport Intercepted, identified and shot dead near the airport.

Important facts about gulak

1. Jonathan’s ex-advisor

Late gulak was a special one political advisor to former President Jonathan before a new government took over in 2015 following a democratic electoral process that brought in Muhammadu Buhari.

2. High-profile politician

Gulak was not only a former advisor, but also a former spokesman for the Adamawa House of Assembly. In 2014 he declared his intention to head the largest office in the state of Adamawa via the PDP.

3. Dispute over the national chairmanship of the PDP

The deceased former lawmakers were accused by some PDP governors of asserting themselves as national chairman of the then ruling party after a party crackdown in 2016.