Oct 3, 2022

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Rotimi Amaechi Is a Victim of Judicial Rascality Perpetuated by Governor Wike, Group Claims – Legit.ng

Dream Nigeria Initiative, a civil society organization based in Abuja, has complained that former transport minister Rotimi Amaechi was the victim of judicial villainy orchestrated by Governor Nyesom Wike.

The group’s acting chief executive officer, Mr. Dike Aguonye, ​​made the announcement in a statement sent to journalists on Wednesday.

According to him, the Supreme Court’s recent ruling has upheld Amaechi.

The Supreme Court last Friday dismissed Amaechi’s appeal to end his investigation into an alleged $96 billion fraud dollars.

< p class="align-left">However, the Supreme Court found that although all of the former minister’s prayers were dismissed, the 6th was ruled.

Dr. Agunoye said, “Among the various declaratory questions, Amaechi asked the court to determine whether the Judicial Inquiry Commission could competently examine and test him.

< p class="align-left">“But in their decision, the respected seven-member panel ruled of the Supreme Court that the two lower courts were correct in holding that the Inquiry Commission has the right to inquire and inquire into the applicant.

“However, the court found that the panel is not a judicial body and therefore does not attempt or decide any dispute over any right or duty or liability.

< p class="align-left">The Supreme Court said a commission of inquiry is a body that finds facts or seeks information. It conducts its fact-finding or information-seeking process through the process of an impartial investigation to discover specific facts or information about the subject matter of the investigation.

“Although Gov. Wike’s Judiciary Commission generally established the Questioning the rules of procedure of some government transactions under Amaechi’s administration, the Commission did not invite relevant individuals whose professional roles made them gatekeepers during the period, such as the Commissioner for Budget and Planning, the Commissioner for Finance, the Commissioner for Finance and the Director-General of the Rivers State Bureau for Public Procurement.

“The Supreme Court also made these determinations in its ruling that there is nothing to indicate that the applicant (Amaechi) or anyone would benefit from the Commission to be tried, and there was nothing to indicate that at the beginning of the v I understand the Commission would have been served with an invitation to attend the hearing.

“Indirectly, the court ruling states that Amaechi did not own a gas turbine as alleged or any other valuable Rivers assets in sold the report. Rather, it was found that the Rivers State Government owned a company called First Independent Power Limited through which the State developed and operated four gas-fired power plants at Afam, Eleme, Omoku and Trans-Amadi, Port Harcourt. The gas turbines allegedly sold are integral parts of gas-fired power plants.

”It was also noted that the government under the administration of Rt. Hon. Amaechi decided to sell the majority stake in First Independent Selling Power Limited to an operator. This was the transaction mischievously misrepresented as a sale of gas turbines by the Judiciary Commission, which was set to investigate but decided to press charges with no known law to back up its operations.

“Regarding the alleged withdrawals from the government US dollar account leading to allegations of N96 billion naira fraud, the Wike government deliberately withheld some information to mislead the unsuspecting public.

“Although the government has shown the state’s US dollar account from which funds were withdrawn, the government mischievously refused to report that there was a corresponding state government naira account.” on which the proceeds of the withdrawn foreign currency were exchanged and deposited. ”

Regarding the impact of the Omereji Panel report and the Rivers government white paper on Amaechi, he said that a similar matter had occurred in Ekiti State in the past.< /p>< p class="align-l eft">He added: “In April 2019, in a case based on the Oyewole Panel’s report, the Supreme Court found that the charges against Fayemi were amended by the Oyewole panel could not constitute a judicial proceeding nor bar him from voting in an election.

”The case held that only a conviction by a competent court could exempt any candidate from the participation in a primary or general election, but not a mere impeachment by a panel.

”The Supreme Court reiterated this position in the Amaechi case as well, that a commission of inquiry is a body for ascertaining facts, etc nd its purpose is to ascertain or gather facts subject matter of the inquiry. It does not try the Rt. Hon. Amaechi or any other person for wrongdoing or crime, no person is brought to justice for anything.”