Jan 27, 2023

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Sad Day for the Gods As Truck Kills Masquerade in Lagos – Legit.ng

  • A masquerade lost his life in the Mushin area of ​​Lagos state after being hit by a moving truck in the area
  • Death of the masquerade angered the traditionalists, who vented their anger and burned down the truck
  • Also, the angry mob tried to kill the truck driver, who was rescued by the police officers in the area < /strong>

A truck loaded with plywood smashed the masquerade around the market axis. The Masquerade is said to have died on the spot, while two others reportedly passed out.

In no time, angry traditionalists rallied and attempted to lynch the driver, setting the truck on fire was plugged. The Nation Newspaper reports.

The driver was found to have allegedly fled to nearby Area D Command while the mob stormed the police station to demand his surrender.< /p>

As the crowd raged, police used tear gas, which evacuated protesters and other road users.

People were seen as they ran with their hands over their noses and mouths.

The gods are high: two masquerades delight guests with cute body movements in the video while performing at the nightclub

Meanwhile, Legit.ng had reported that clubgoers at a nightclub were thrown off balance and amazed to see two masquerades performed in their midst.

In an emergency, Im Video, the two masquerades took center stage as they performed entertaining dance moves that some Clu Getting bbers to inject money into them.

Social media influencer Tunde Ednut, who reposted the video on Instagram, wondered if this could become a new trend in nightclubs. According to him, adding masquerade could prove a creative way to spice things up in nightclubs.

Masquerade unmasks to beg for money in Owerri

In other related news, Legit.ng reported that a masquerade was captured in a video asking people in Owerri for money.

A short video showing the round made, captured the moment Masquerade was unmasked to reveal a man’s face behind it.

After the man reveals his identity, the man asks with a smile on his face in Igbo language for money.

A man who appears to be making a video of the masquerade is seen asking the “beggar” if he wanted a masquerade or a Be human.

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