Jun 15, 2021

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Sanwo-Olu meets Ikorodu Bois, praises their creativity

The comic group made up of Muiz Sanni (15), Malik Sanni (10) and Fawas (13) are known for recreating and mimicking multi-million-dollar music videos, Hollywood film trailers and epic pictures with household items.

“Today, I welcomed generational filmmaking talent, whose creativity has put them and Ikorodu on the global map of international platforms like Netflix, earned them a nomination at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards and put their faces on billboards in Times Square, NY,” Sanwo-Olu said on Twitter.

“As a state, we are proud of them and I thank them for visiting me today.”

“We are committed to developing creative talent in Lagos as we continue to serve as the premier destination for musical, art and creative talent generation in Africa.”

The boys were nominated for the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2021 under the favourite African social media star category.

Prior to Nickelodeon nomination, they, in April 2020, earned praise from Sergio “The Professor” Marquina after replicating the trailer of the Netflix Spanish drama series, Money Heist.

They were also invited to the world premiere of Netflix action thriller, Extraction 2 after making a remake of the Extraction trailer.

They also received praises from Hollywood star, Chris Hemsworth and the producers of Extraction, the Russo brothers.

Streaming giant Netflix also gifted the group equipment such as high-tech cameras, Boom microphones, tripods, voice recorders and even an Apple iMac computer.