Jun 18, 2021

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Saudi Arabia Fires Director of Imams Department after Delay in Fajr Prayers

– Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al Sudais has taken strong action against a department head of the Imam of Masjid Al Nabawi

– The head of the two most renowned mosques in Saudi Arabia dismissed the unnamed director for delaying prayers in the mosque

– Sheikh Al Sudais announces a new plan for prayers in the mosque after the incident

Medina, Saudi Arabia – President Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al Sudais, head of the two most prestigious mosques in Saudi Arabia, has released the director of the Imam and Muadhin Department of Masjid Al Nabawi from his duties.

A statement posted on Haramains Facebook page indicates the director, after delaying fajr prayers on Wednesday June 9th, for over 45 minutes between the adhaan and Iqaamah was released.

The statement also indicates that the authorities subsequently assigned an imam, a substitute imam and three muadhins for each prayer.

< p class = "align-left"> The statement reads:

“Due to the delay in the Fajr prayers today by over 45 minutes between the Adhaan & Iqaamah, the director of the Department for Imams & Muadhins was from removed from his position.

“For each prayer there will be an assigned imam with a backup imam and 3 muadhins for each prayer. A muadhin calls the adhaan, a muadhin calls the iqaamah and a replacement muadhin. “

A similar statement on Haramain Sharifa’s Facebook page states that the new agreement was as a result of the delay in prayers “due to the absence of the Imam”.

The explanation reads:

“President Sheikh Sudais orders the Department of Imams & Muadhin by Masjid Al Haram & Masjid Al Nabawi, to plan two imams for each fardh salad (1 imam and 1 substitute in case of absence) and for the muadhin to have 3 available for each salad.

“This happened after Fajr Salat in Masjid Al Nabawi was postponed for more than half an hour today due to the imam’s absence. The head of department was then removed by President Sudais.”

In other news, the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM) announced on Tuesday March 30th that 395 citizens had been flown to Abuja.

It became known that the evacuation was a second batch, bringing the total number of Saudi Arabia returnees to 650.

As were under the OVID-19 protocols the returnees were initially quarantined in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).