Dec 5, 2022

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Save Nigeria Movement Rejects Attempts to Duplicate Functions of NBC –

  • An attempt to sponsor legislation establishing the Society of Nigerian Broadcasters was opposed by the Save Nigeria Movement.
  • According to the advocacy group, has The society will duplicate the functions of the existing Nigerian Broadcasting Commission
  • The group noted that the commission has the legal power to set up a broadcasting institute, just like what the bill calls for

FCT, Abuja – A civil society group, the Save Nigeria Movement (SNM), has opposed the bill refuses to set up the Society of Nigerian Broadcasters to duplicate the functions of the existing Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC).

SNM National Convenor Solomon Semaka addresses a press conference in Abuja said the Society of Nigerian Broadcasters would hijack NBC’s functions .

He described the bill as an inappropriate o ne given that NBC already exists, a statutory body responsible for regulating the broadcasting sector in Nigeria.

He told public opinion in court that it is common to feel that one cannot judge oneself.

His words:

< blockquote>“Our position against the establishment of the SNB has been formulated and anchored in the fact that it is confusing when two bodies are set up to monitor a sector.

“This has never been done and it will certainly create a chaotic situation when the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission and Society of Nigerian Broadcasters are all authorized to regulate the sector. Worse, it will be disastrous for broadcasters to self-regulate.

“The result will be not just chaos, but utter confusion, labor disputes and a series of lawsuits for interfering with the duties of the other organization.

“NBC should only argue like this for the Issuing licenses and issuing guidelines to broadcasters will be responsible while the Society of Nigerian Broadcasters should focus on the behavior of the members and the quality of the work is like saying the government should build schools and hire teachers and then allow the teachers to self-supervise.

“NBC is not only a broadcaster licensing organization but also a quality control mechanism for professional television in Nigeria. This applies to broadcasters and their organizations.”

Semaka noted that NBC has legal authority to set up a broadcasting institute, just as the SNB draft requires, and added that it did would be against the law if the bill goes through.

He said broadcasters should rally around NBC to allow him to win the mandate fulfill which it was founded to fulfil, including establishing the Broadcasting Institute rather than bringing in parallel organizations whose missions have certainly conflicted with the work of NBC.

He added :

“Any attempt to get the government out of regulating the media will lead to abuses as it is difficult to be a judge in your case. It is misleading to say that NBC has shown no hope for media regulation in Nigeria.

“Several media houses are known to have been sanctioned for violating the Nigerian Broadcasting Code. To expect NBC to become involved in internal disciplinary action against errant employees is asking too much.

“To avoid conflict, staff mentoring and professional competence assessment should be conducted by the Nigerian Union of Journalists and Guild of Editors and not necessarily by any other body.”

< h2>FG Introduces Code to Regulate Twitter, Facebook and Others

Meanwhile, the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) recently announced the release of new regulations guiding the operation of Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

NITDA announced the new regulation on Monday 13 June through a statement from its spokesperson Hadiza Umar.

According to Umar, the new regulation aims to guide and protect the basic human rights of Nigerians and non-Nigerians residing in the country, as well as define guidelines for interaction in the country’s digital ecosystem.

2023 : FCI goes par Partnering with other agencies to fight fake news

In a similar development, the FactCheck Initiative (FCI) created a team for a good cause. This includes working with the government and other authorities to hold free, fair and peaceful elections in Nigeria in 2023 without any form of violence.

The primary objective of This purpose is to prevent the effects of misleading information to detect, investigate and respond to Nigeria’s upcoming 2023 general election.

Adeoye Temitope, Country Director of the FactCheck Initiative, says stopping fake news and misinformation will help the Inspiration behind the project is