Dec 9, 2021

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Soludo Is a Blessing to Anambra State, Says Innocent Chukwuma

  • It seems that the entrepreneurs in Anambra are excited about the prospect of having Professor Chukwuma Soludo as their next governor
  • Soludo, 61, is a prominent and accomplished economist who once ruled the central bank of Nigeria
  • Chief Innocent Chukwuma, Africa’s largest automaker, says Soludo’s election victory will lead to economic progress in Anambra < / strong>

Nnewi – The prominent Anambra indigenous chief Innocent Chukwuma has appointed the governor-designate of Anambra, Professor Chukwuma Charles Soludo, as a blessing to them. state.

Chukwuma, the largest vehicle manufacturer and chairman of Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Limited (IVM), expressed confidence that the Soludo administration will build on the legacy of the outgoing governor . Chief Willie Obiano.

In a conversation with journalists in Nnewi, Chief Chukwuma said:

“It is a blessing for him to be governor. This is one of the best things Governor Obiano did when he chose Soludo. ”

When asked what he proposed about Soludo in his manifesto Industrial cluster thinks, said Chukwuma:

“With the industrial clusters proposed by Soludo, I will have the opportunity to produce more components for myself. This is a good idea and a welcome development. We look forward to his administration. “

When presenting his manifesto, Professor Soludo said:

” We will be new locations as Industrial Technology Parks Akwaihedi. designate Awka area, including parts of Orumba, Ozubulu, Anaku, Awka etc., in addition to the existing clusters in Nnewi, Onitsha / Ogbaru etc.

“The government will provide at least 2,000 hectares of land for these parks primarily and provide important infrastructure (roads, water, electricity, etc.) or facilitate the provision of such infrastructure, if necessary via public-private partnerships (PPPs).

“We are estimated to be in These industrial areas incubated over 2,000 new medium to large businesses during the administration’s tenure. ”

Chukwuma says that such small businesses are thriving when it comes to the ve Help him get materials locally.

His words:

“When I produce a vehicle, I get materials locally. If I don’t see, I’m from abroad. So if there are companies that produce what I need to make vehicles, I’ll be happy to support them, as it’s cheaper and it’s also my way of encouraging small businesses. “

Chukwuma also praised the Obiano government for helping companies in Nnewi by connecting them to the national power grid.

He said:

“Today Governor Obiano made sure that factories in Nnewi and other industrial cities have a special line from the national grid. He paid for it and it’s very expensive. It’s an industrial line only. The Governor has it sponsored on behalf of all industries in the state of Anambra. ”

The billionaire businessman also noted that his big break in business was made possible by former Anambra governor Peter Obi.

He said:

” Peter Obi was very encouraging when I started. When I started, he ordered 500 units of buses to be delivered to schools and prepaid me. It helped a lot to prepay myself because at that point I was just getting started in the business.

“After I delivered that, he paid me another 500 collections for security authorities. He also paid me in advance, he doesn’t owe anything.

“He also came back to me to order SUVs for all the traditional rulers in the state of Anambra. I didn’t produce any SUVs before, but he encouraged me and we were able to deliver 500 SUVs. ”

He added that the Innoson Group’s workforce is now well over 7200, the IVM employs 1700 people.

When asked about the greatest challenges he faced in his business, Chukwuma said:

“Challenges can never stop; People will face challenges day after day, but the most important thing is that we put our heads together and master it every time it comes up. I do not think that we see a challenge and that we will not overcome it.

“Our driving force is ideas; it’s not about the investment volume. If ideas are available, you can achieve great things with little money. ”

Innoson demands that GTBank pay N 32.87 billion through illegal fees

In Meanwhile, Innoson Vehicles has requested that the company stop its restructuring in order to receive N32.87 billion from the Guaranty Trust Holding Company intervene in the pending debt that the financial institution has allegedly owed since 2014.

The amount rose to N. 32.87 billion due to interest accrued over the years, although Guaranty Trust’s Rejected claim that it owes anyone’s thanks.

Chef Chukwuma gives an update on his public dispute with GTB

during his speech on the subject said Chief Chukwuma:

“Guaranty Trust Bank, I am one of their best clients. When the former MD (Tayo Adenirokun) lived I was their number one customer in the Southeast. Because of me, they opened a branch in Nnewi.

“But after Tayo, the new MD took over and I don’t even know him. I saw him for the first time last year. So they started fighting across the tribe. I think why he’s fighting me has to do with the tribe. I don’t know exactly what he’s doing.

“But in the end I proved him wrong in everything. Because I’ve defeated him in all the courts we went to and it’s only up to him to pay me what he owes me because he went to my account to take money anyway.

“I’ll find out, took him to court and won him. But up to that point he didn’t pay me, and now we’ve gone to the Supreme Court. I don’t know if he wants Nigeria to change its laws because of him.

“But the nice thing about the whole thing is that the money picks up at 22% interest. So I’m waiting for interest rates to exceed their capacity, so I’ll take over the bank. So I’m waiting for that.

“I don’t bother you anymore. But I assure all GTB customers that I will manage it well if I take it over. You shouldn’t be afraid. I didn’t do a business that failed. I’ll do it better than you. ”

What happened between GTBank and Innoson

The long-term battle between GTBank (now GTCO) and Innoson is due allegedly illegal debiting of the automaker’s account by the banking institution.

In 2018, it was reported that the Supreme Court ordered GTBank to pay N14 billion, allegedly dated Account withdrawn from Innoson Nigeria Limited.

The reported amount must be paid pending litigation between them based on a 2014 Enugu Court of Appeal ruling who instructed the bank to deposit N5 .9 billion in the interest income account.

During the course of the legal process, the amount increased due to the interest rate. The capital is now over N. 32.87 billion.