Mar 22, 2023

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State of the Nation: Nigeria Has Lost Its Way, Pastor Femi Oladehin Declares –

Pastor Femi Oladehin of the Supernatural Life Assembly has stated that the Federal Republic of Nigeria has gone astray

According to him, the country cannot move forward unless its people are actually willing to reform

Moreover, the cleric added that The recently held PDP presidential primary was a disgrace.

Pastor Femi Oladehin has stated that Nigeria cannot reform itself unless its people are willing to be reformed.

He made this known when he spoke at a ceremony announcing the renaming of his church from Theixos Doxa to the Supernatural Life Assembly.

Oladehin, who is the senior pastor of the Supernatural Life Assembly, added that the recent PDP pres primary elections were a show of shame because delegates reportedly accepted a few thousand dollars to sell the future of th country.

He said:

“The reality is that Nigeria has gone astray as a country. When believers are in places of authority, their actions and commitment to the people do not identify them as true believers.

“There is an abuse of spirituality, of the supernatural, even in the place of government The Truth is that Nigeria cannot reform itself unless the people are reformed. Look at the PDP primary that took place recently, it was an utter disgrace.

“Which we have the future for of the country sell a few thousand dollars. If we had a country that changed, that had the moral direction of where the country should go, that’s a whole different ball game.

“It’s even worse now that you have a country with children has grown up and their role models are yahoo boys and criminals that hard work, dedication and diligence are no longer values ​​we preach.”

To go further, he claimed that prayer would not work until the country returned to those values ​​of honesty, devotion and charity.

He added:

” God can change people but people must be willing to change and this is my mission to Nigerians be a good person in your small space wherever you have contact with people be good if we all are good to each other, Nigeria will be good to themselves.”

“U n the reason for the name change from Theikos Doxa to S Assembly of Supernatural Life he said:

“The assembly had to live a supernatural life. And living a supernatural life became the foundation of who we are. So when he gave us this new name, Supernatural Life Assembly, it was only natural.

“In this new dispensation, we position ourselves as people who are Christians in name only, but Christians by deeds. Our reward Line demonstrates Christ. The church has become a motivational hub without lives being changed. We want to change that.”

Naira continues to free fall on the official exchange despite improved FX offering

< p class="align-left">Meanwhile, the Nigerian currency, the naira, continued its free fall in both the official and parallel markets, closing at N420.25 on the investor and exporter window (I&E ).

< p class="align-left">The country’s exchange rate started the week negative as the naira fell 0.18 against the dollar to close at N420 per dollar compared to 419.5 per dollar , recorded late last week.< /p>

This is despite the 13.97 percent spike in forex turnover to $122.91 million traded in the market. However, the exchange rate on the parallel market saw a slight improvement, rising 0.01 percent on the morning of Tuesday, May 31, 2022, to trade at N605.94 versus N606 per dollar on Monday, May 1, 2022. were recorded at the same time 30th, 2022.