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‘Stingy’ Comment: Father Mbaka Issues Strong Warning to Followers Attacking His Bishop – Legit.ng

  • Previously, followers of Enugu Worship Ministry’s Spiritual Director Rev. Fr. Mbaka protested Enugu Diocese Bishop Rt. Rev. Callistus Onaga after he banned the ministry over the weekend
  • The protesters, waving leaves, chanted: “No more bishops over the announcement after Mbaka carpeted Labor Party (LP) presidential candidate Peter Obi, because he was a miser are

The Spiritual Director of Enugu Nigeria Worship Ministry, Father Ejike Mbaka, has withdrawn from the protests at the Worship Grounds on Sunday 19 June , distantly, reports The Punch.

The protest directed s I against the ban imposed on Mbaka by the Diocesan Bishop of Enugu, Most Rev Callistus Onaga.

Onaga, in a pastoral directive used in all Catholic parishes, chaplains and religious orders was read, a ban on Mbaka ministry was imposed.

Father Mbaka warns

He ordered that from now on no Catholic believers should go there anymore to take action there.

But less than 24 hours after the ban, some of Mbaka’s followers crowded into the worship site on Sunday in disobedience to the bishop’s ban and protested against it.

Father Mbaka warns supporters against attacks on bishop

Consequently, in a statement on Monday 20 , Mbaka disowned the protesters and warned them to stop immediately to desist.

He said he obediently received the bishop’s order and warned his followers from any use of violence or offensive language.

The explanation read in part:

“I was made aware of activities taking place on Sunday at the Worship Square took place. I am in no way involved in such activities.

“We have received with obedience the directive issued by my bishop, Rev. Callistus Onaga, on June 17, 2022.

“May I therefore appeal to the faithful, especially the members of the Enugu Worship Ministry, Nigeria, to remain calm and united with the body of Christ in the diocese and also to refrain from any form of violence, whether in action or through offensive language.”

Finally, Catholic Diocese of Enugu Reveals Mbaka’s Suspension

Catholic Diocese of Enugu has finally broken the silence on why it suspended religious activities at the Ministry of Worship Rev Ejike Mbaka.

According to the Catholic Diocese of Enugu, the church was closed due to the priest’s frequent disobedience to canon law.

Bianca Ojukwu reag ed on Mbaka’s comment calling Peter Obi “stingy”.

Meanwhile, a former Nigerian ambassador to Spain shared a heartwarming detail on how Peter Obi planted a seed of hope to the US has saved the lives of three households.

The ex-beauty queen said the Labor Party candidate’s kind of stinginess was worth it, for the good of all to be imitated in humanity.

In their opinion, every progressive nation measures an individual by their values ​​and not by their vaults as seen in the world today.

Source: Legit.ng