Feb 7, 2023

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‘Stingy Young Man’: Father Mabaka’s Comment on Peter Obi Backfires – Legit.ng

  • Father Mbaka’s comment describing Labor Party presidential candidate Peter Obi as a “stingy young man” was met with criticism
  • Mbaka said Obi was a man without a generous spirit, adding that “a gumball holder would not be accepted as a Nigerian leader”
  • Nigerians took to Twitter to tug at the Catholic priest , who described him as a money dealer who lobbied politicians for money

Popular Catholic priest Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka has suffered a series of backlashes his comment on Labor Party (LP) presidential candidate Mr Peter Obi was reported by the Vanguard newspaper.

Mbaka is said to have described Mr Peter Obi as a “stingy young man” during a sermon to have. that he can never become President of Nigeria.

What Mbaka said about Peter Obi

According to him, former Vice President Abubakar Atiku had shown that he is ready to run for office because he and Peter Obi are out of the running.

He said:

“Peter Obi has a sip, he has nowhere to go unless he kneels on the altar of worship.”

Nigerians lash out at Mbaka for criticizing Peter Obi

Meanwhile Father Mbaka’s comment on Obi drew a lot of criticism from Nigerians on social media.

Nigerians took to Twitter to lash out at the Catholic priest, who some say is a money dealer influenced by political money.

A Twitter handle @GideonFidy wrote:

“Mbaka supported Buhari, de n worst presidents ever because they gave him money, Mbaka supported Hope Uzodinma because he got money from him, even if you BH just give him money and he will support you. No one will rate him again.”

@taqueenobi wrote:

“While other men of God encourage voting for the right candidate, mbaka seeks out who will buy our future with money. SHAMELY.”

@novieverest wrote:

“Mbaka was not given any money by Peter Obi a few years ago. Show me a project I will put money into and see the result. That’s all Peter Obi asked for. To date, Mbaka has refused to rest.”

@PastorBlessid wrote:

“Even Father Mbaka could not urge Peter Obi to do anything , which he didn’t want to do, even when he told him God was involved, and related it to winning elections. Peter stood by his principles, SHI SHI, we won. didn’t give.His tenacity and articulate Cleverness is 100%. Competence!”

Another Twitter handle @mrstanlei explained how much he respected the revered Catholic priest but said he actually was Pope Francis of Vatican City in Rome cannot convince him not to vote for Peter Obi.

@mrstanlei wrote:

“I was born in Rome and Growing up in the Catholic Church, I have so much respect for Father Mbaka, but as it stands now, even Pope Francis can’t have me saying not to vote for Peter obi, stunned by Rev. Mbaka, the same man who told us to vote for Buhari. ”

Mbaka Publicly Apologizes to Peter Obi, Seeks Forgiveness

However, he later asked for forgiveness and apologized to former Anambra State Governor Peter Obi for his comments as the PDP vice-presidential candidate visited his church.

In a viral video, Mbaka tried to get the former PDP vice-presidential candidate to make a financial commitment but later declined.


Source: Legit.ng