Sep 21, 2021

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Strike: We’re suffering too, hold government responsible, doctors tell patients

Seeking additional survival supplies

Doctors under the aegis of the National Association of Government General Medical and Dental Practitioners (NAGGMDP) have urged Nigerians, particularly patients in various hospitals, to blame the government for the ongoing industrial action of the National Association of Resident Doctors.

This is because they also berated the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) for not doing enough to keep the health sector from collapsing to save, noting that doctors were also suffering and looking for alternative sources of income.

Address on Friday at the first Abuja Scientific Conference and the first general assembly of the association on the subject of “Entrepreneurship in Medical Practice: How Feasible “NAGGMDPs National President Noel Dokun lamented the neglect of the health sector by the government at all levels.

The general practitioners had n started a strike on April 1st to push home their demand for an upward revision of their N5000 hazard approval ce, payment of the outstanding COVID-19 incentive allowance, among other things.

According to Dokun: “No doctor would like to make his patient suffer inappropriately, “adding that the doctors were pushed to the wall and are on strike to push their demands home.

He complained that many doctors were due to the poor conditions of the Health care in Nigeria, poor pay and deteriorating hospital facilities left the country to seek greener pastures overseas.

While Dokun accused the government of spreading propaganda to incite citizens against doctors, Dokun said that the exodus increased the workload of doctors still in government service and would affect good health care.

He said, “The government must be aware of its responsibilities t be to know that health care is a social service and the right of every Nigerian. There were always alternatives to the strike. The fact is, however, that in most cases the alternatives have brought nothing and that always leads to a strike.

“The health workers are underpaid, the facilities are dilapidated and they don’t do anything other than want doctors to go to work to leave without being able to try anything. It is sad that the people will suffer, but instead they will tell the doctors to do something while the government continues to search.

“They will also say that doctors in Nigeria are well paid but no one tells you what resources we have to put in to get where we are. Furthermore, only in Nigeria do people say that the government is well paid because the average salary for a doctor here is about a quarter of what he gets in Europe or other parts of the world.

“So for someone “The doctor is, there is a quality of life a person should live, but we cannot live the way we have to, and we all cannot run away because our families and our citizens will suffer,” he said .

The chairman of the local organizing committee of the conference, Dr. Isaac Akerele stated that because of the poor pay, it is of the utmost importance for doctors to look for additional chances of survival.

“It takes a lot for doctors to educate themselves, and after the training we thought we are overpaid, and that’s not right.

“Even our annual dues are some people’s salaries. It takes a lot of resources to keep up with the latest technology, skills, and knowledge. Doctors are usually not trained to think about business, but always to treat patients. But we know that without money there will be problems.

“We belong to the upper class of society, but as you live, we live with the peanut that is paid for by the government.

“So we say, instead of focusing and fighting for wage increases, we also have to look for alternative sources of income, and that is entrepreneurship,” he said.