Nov 28, 2021

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Super TV CEO’s Murder: Chidinma Sold Ataga’s Laptop To Me For N495,000, Businessman Reveals

  • There is a new development regarding confessions from witnesses to Chidinma Ojukwu arrested for the murder of super TV owner Usifo Ataga
  • < strong> A The third prosecution witness, a businessman identified as Oluwo, revealed to the court yesterday that Chidinma sold him the late Ataga’s laptop
  • After this one Disclosure, Judge Adesanya adjourned the case until November 29, for the continuation of the trial

Lagos State – It were new details about the death of. known Micahel Usifo Ataga on Thursday and who actually killed him.

Recently a businessman, Mr Ifeoluwa Oluwo, told how the laptop of the murdered Super TV’s chief executive officer, Michael Ataga was sold to him by Chidinma Ojukwu two days after Ataga’s body was found for N 495,000, The Punch reported Lagos, was accused of killing Ataga.

The student and two others, Adedapo Quadri and Chioma Egbuchu, will be tried in the Lagos State Judge Yetunde Adesanya, High Court in Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos state.

The trial

At the resumed hearing on Thursday November 25th, Oluwo, the third witness of the Indictment brought as evidence by the Lagos Prosecutor, Mr. Yusuf Sule.

Oluwos Confession

Oluwo said he sells phones, laptops and accessories in Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos, and has been in business for five years.

According to him, after seeing Chidinma on social media after selling the laptop, he immediately made sure that all of her documents were at hand.

Der Witness identified the first defendant (chidinma) as the person who came to sell a laptop. According to him, she bought in his office on April 30th and a sale of “her” laptop on June 18, 2021.

Mr. Ifeoluwa confirmed this as a dealer in buying and selling of Phones, laptops, and other accessories, the first defendant came to resell a Macbook Pro on June 18, 2021.

He also stated that after conducting due diligence on the Article, he asked her to enter her password to access what she was doing and unlocked.

He further said that he asked if she had a proof of purchase for. got the laptop and when the laptop is for them? According to him, she replied that it was a gift from her boyfriend and that she has two laptops so she’ll have to sell one to pay some bills.

He added that Chidinma asked for N 600,000 but they were able to negotiate N 495,000 and only after the forms were filled out and the documents were in his possession the bank transfer was made.

After that he said, he heard the news about the murder and the theft of a laptop on social media. According to him, the name was familiar and close to the name of the customer. He said a few days later the police invited him and his supervisor to question where they made their testimony.

The witness identified Chidinma as a customer who died on Jan. April bought a phone in the same office.

Oluwo said:

“On June 18th, Chidinma sold me a MacBook Pro laptop after negotiations and market value for 495,000 N comparison. In order to make a sale you will need to submit some documents and fill out a form with your government issued ID, driver’s license, international passport, voter card and national identification number. “

Chidinma’s previous claim

< p class = "align-left"> When asked if Chidinma had presented the receipt from the laptop, Oluwo explained that she could not present the receipt because she had insisted that it was a gift from her friend.

Chidinma’s attorney

During the cross-examination, Chidinma’s attorney Onwuka Egbu asked if he had been shown any documents, receipts, or proof of ownership to prove that the laptop was not for The first defendant was determined in Panti, but the witness said he was not shown any.

Without further cross-examination by the other lawyers, Judge Yetunde Adesanya adjourned the matter until April 2 November 9th and 30th due to the continuation of the process, Channels TV also reported.

Super TV CEO: First photos, video appear as murdered Usifo Ataga is finally buried

The man, who was 50 years old at the time of his death, was buried in the Ikoyi Cemetery in Lagos.

Photos from the funeral ceremony that took place today were taken Shared by @bbcnewspidgin on Instagram.