Oct 4, 2022

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Tension as Abba Kyari Reportedly Escapes Murder in Prison – Legit.ng

  • A new report claims Abba Kyari was almost murdered in Kuje Prison, where he is being held pending his drug-related trial.
  • Aggrieved inmates who accused Kyari of dishonesty in bribery deals while he was on active duty are said to have killed his life.
  • However, the Nigerian Correctional Service has denied the attack through Kyari, although it has been reported that steps are being taken to transfer him to SSS custody

FCT, Abuja – Suspended Deputy Police Commissioner Abba Kyari was nearly murdered while on active duty by aggrieved inmates who accused him of dishonesty in bribery deals, according to a report in the Premium Times.

The newspaper stated that according to internal documents and officials, de The attack took place on Wednesday, May 4, months after Kyari was remanded in custody following his ongoing drug-related charges.

An officer, whose name was not released, said the inmates who wanted Kyari dead were around 190 and they were mostly in prison for drug-related offenses.

Efforts to ensure Kyari’s safety begin

Following the attack, prison officials are reportedly considering transferring Kyari from Kuje prison to State Security Service (SSS) custody.

The Kuje attackers claimed that Kyari had prosecuted them despite accepting bribes from them.

The embattled senior police officer was allegedly rescued by officers and has since been held in an isolated cell “under heavy protection , where no one fears an attack or e in poisoning.”

That’s it, further claiming that Kyari had to pay each of the injured inmates N200,000 “to buy loyalty and peace”. Kyari’s life continued to be threatened even after the settlement.

It was explained that an official recommendation was therefore made to transfer Kyari from Kuje to an SSS facility.

Nigerian Corrections Service denies attacking Kyari

Meanwhile, Nigeria Corrections Service spokesman Francis Enobore denied attacking Kyari.

Enobore was quoted as saying:

“I am not aware that Abba Kyari paid anyone to ensure his safety in prison.”

Like Kyari ended up in prison

Prior to his fall, DCP Kyari was a distinguished “super cop” and head of the Inspector-General Police’s Elite Intelligence Response Team.

He was initially suspended from the police force after being accused by American investigators in July 2021 of being an accomplice in the international en fraud and money laundering scheme by Ramon Abbas, popularly known as Hushpuppi.


Then while he was suspended and awaiting the outcome of an internal investigation, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) charged him in February 2022 with involvement in a drug trafficking conspiracy.

Kyari finds himself in further trouble when the NDLEA sells his belongings in Borno marked for confiscation

The operation has been sanctioned by NDLEA headquarters.

The suspect’s alleged belongings are located in Maiduguri, State of Borno. A source for the agency revealed that the properties included a shopping complex with about 100 shops and other properties.