Jun 22, 2021

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Terrorism financing: Prominent Nigerians under watch, says FG

The federal government said yesterday that it has profiled a large number of well-placed Nigerians whose activities have proven they have reasonable links to terrorism financing across the country.

The recent arrest of an unknown number of suspects was the result of the conviction of some Nigerians for terrorist financing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Answering questions from journalists in the presidential villa, Abuja, the lawyer The Federation General and Justice Minister Abubakar Malami said the ongoing investigation would have given reasonable grounds for prosecuting high profile Nigerians and institutions across the country.

“As you actually know, there have been certain convictions of Nigerians allegedly involved in terrorist financing in the United Arabs at times Emirates (UAE) are involved. This resulted in a wider and wider investigation into Nigeria, and I am pleased to announce that, due to the wider investigation that has been carried out in Nigeria, a number of individuals, both institutional and otherwise, have been found to be at fault on my reasonable grounds for the Suspected terrorist financing.

Malami added: “I am pleased to report that the investigation has been long and advanced. The investigation certainly raises a reasonable suspicion that many senior Nigerian institutional and other Nigerians are involved in terrorist financing and are profiled for law enforcement.

“Essentially, it is indeed true that the government prosecute and prosecute these high-ranking individuals who are found to be funding terrorism. It is indeed true. “

However, Malami did not provide the number of such suspects, claiming that the investigation is pending a conclusion and saying,” As for the number, the investigation is ongoing and needs to be be conclusive before you can get to a certain number. But one thing I can tell you is that it is a large number and that they will be profiled for law enforcement.

“It is a large number indeed, and me unable to give you the exact number as before. Now because the profiling and investigation is ongoing. “

He warned that the government would not hesitate to invoke the full wrath of the law on anyone found guilty of promoting terrorism in the country.