Jan 25, 2022

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The Whole Truth: Nigerians Pressured Buhari to Run For President, Garba Shehu – Legit.ng

  • Earlier, in an interview broadcast on national television, President Muhammad Buhari announced that he had done his best in Nigeria
  • Garba Shehu, spokesman for the President, In response, the President said that he revealed a deep truth regarding the above statement
  • Shehu made this disclosure during an interview on Friday January 7th when he talked about how Buhari decided to run for president in 2015 and what influenced his decision

Abuja – Presidential spokesman Garba Shehu says President Muhammadu Buhari was forced by Nigerians to run for president.

He made this claim when responding to some of the president’s comments reacted to his plans for the parliamentary elections in 2023.

The special senior assistant The President’s Media and Public Relations announced in an interview broadcast on Friday January 7th that the President was right in saying he did his best for the country, reports The Punch.

He said:

” The President can sometimes speak very loosely and jovially and jokingly; I think that’s what people don’t understand about him. You need to understand how he was persuaded and pressured to run in the first place.

“He had served as governor, minister and military head of state and that’s the most it could get. He was retired at home and Nigerians came and said you are the right person for this moment, we need you. It took some persuasion.

“So, yes, it’s right for the person to say they did their best and when the time is up, someone else will take over.”

Buhari urges Nigerian youth not to depend on the government for jobs

“I wish when they go to school, when they work hard, when they graduate, they do not because they think the government has to give them jobs. ”

The president regretted that the colonial administration indoctrinated people into waiting for government jobs after graduating from school .

You can’t scot-free, Buhari talks about the accession of corrupt people to the APC

In other news the president also talked about people who the Accused of corruption joining the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The president rejected the idea that corrupt politicians would defer to the ruling party to avoid punishment.

According to Buhari, even if t hose, who is accused of corruption joins his party, they cannot get away with it. He stated that such defectors have not stopped his government’s insistence on accountability.