Jun 18, 2021

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Uber to launch two new services in Nigeria

The giant Uber has announced that it is preparing two new services for the Nigerian market.

Uber Connect and Uber Hourly will be available in Nigeria in the “next few months,” the company announced with the Go Get global Consumer event at last month’s event.

“We want to innovate that will help people get everywhere and get everything when cities start moving again,” said Tope Akinwumi. Ubers Country Manager. said in a statement emailed Tuesday:

“As we want to demonstrate our commitment to improving the lives of Nigerians and, most importantly, providing access to income for drivers, we believe.” that this announcement is a step in that direction is the right direction. “

Uber Hourly is an alternative to on-demand point-to-point journeys that gives drivers added convenience without having to rebook their journey.

It allows drivers to book trips by the hour, giving them a single driver for their entire trip and unlimited stops along the way.

“Every hour alr We have already hit the market in several cities around the world, including Dar es Salaam. Based on this insight and the warm welcome from the drivers and drivers, we are excited to bring this to Nigeria, “said Akinwumi.

” We This feature is designed for those moments when you expect you to need extra time to get things done. This allows drivers to access a meaningful income opportunity while also setting a lead time frame for the service provided, ”adds Akinwumi.

Uber Connect leverages Uber’s logistics technology and network to provide people with a fast and affordable option To send packages to friends and family using the Uber app.

Akinwumi explains, “The agility of our platform allows us to quickly adapt our products to the changing needs of communities affected by the health crisis, and at the same time Experiment with new sources of income and earning opportunities for drivers. “