Oct 21, 2021

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US Government Under Pressure to Designate IPOB As Terrorist Group

  • There appears to be a coordinated media campaign to force the United States government to declare IPOB a terrorist group
  • At the top the indictment stands Ivan Sascha Sheehan, an academic in the Public and International Affairs Department of the University of Baltimore
  • Sheehan also visited a global newspaper to raise key posers for the US Authorities list why IPOB should be labeled a terrorist group

Washington – A report from ThisDay newspaper shows that the The US government appoints the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) as a terrorist group.

According to the report, an article in the Washington Times recently urged US authorities to Naming IPOB a terrorist organization after acts of violence and senseless killings in connection with secessionis table group.

The article stated that t The IPOB had strangely sued US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin in a US federal court.

The article by the Executive Director of the School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Baltimore, Ivan Sascha Sheehan, expressed his displeasure:

“The violent secessionist group in question – IPOB – has yet to be received from the US State Department.

“This is happening despite repeated requests from longtime US ally Nigeria, where IPOB is based and carries out its murderous activities.

“It is difficult to explain how US interests are served by inaction and complacency towards IPOB. The listing does not cost anything. But the naming would have a significant impact on the continued existence of the group. ”

The publication states that once the naming is applied, no organization using US currency will be legal Conduct transactions with the organization.

It said:

“By cutting funding for IPOB, the US would weaken the 50,000 strong paramilitary forces and Nigeria’s security provide space for forces to aim their sights directly at the ISIS-related Boko Haram in the northeast of the country.

“The anti-terrorist operations against Boko Haram have long been supported by US authorities operating in Work closely with the West African government. “

The report found that more than 20 attacks were perpetrated in the first three months of this year alone, including a retaliatory bomb attack the house s a state governor that killed four people and an attack on a prison that released about 2,000 dangerous criminals.

The Daily Trust quoted Sheehan as saying in saying, IPOB’s establishment of the Eastern Security Network (ESN) signaled the end of the group’s pretext for being a peaceful movement.

He blamed IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu to support terrorism and make threats over Radio Biafra.

Abaribe speaks about the unrest in the Southeast

Meanwhile, Senate minority leader Enyinnaya Abaribe says that there are more than 30 separatist organizations in the southeastern zone of the country.

Abaribe made the comment on Tuesday, October 5th, in an interview posted on Channels Television was broadcast.

He said that led by Buhari rth government could crush secessionist agitators, but it would be difficult for the government to crush the ideology behind their agitation until the current government resolves the root cause of the problem and engages in dialogue.

The governors of the Southeast are speaking on Measures to Combat Insecurity

Similarly, Southeast Governors and Heads of State and Government announced measures to end the mounting violence on Tuesday, October 5th Monday at home in the region.

The measures include the implementation of the Ebubeagu security team by the five states in the region before the end of the year.

They also decided to team up with security agencies to restore peace to the region and encourage everyone involved to intervene in the crisis.