Aug 9, 2022

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US Govt. Issues Strong Warning to FG Over Newly Acquired Super Tucano Jets –

  • During efforts to curb bandit activities in Nigeria, the US government has taken steps to ensure that citizens’ lives are protected
  • < strong> The US government called on the Nigerian government and the military alike to respect the rights of citizens when using the newly deployed Super Tucano jets
  • According to the US Government fighter jets should only be used properly without harming civilians in the area of ​​operation

The Nigerian federal government was before the use of the newly acquired Super Tucano. warned fighter jets on civilians.

In a warning dated Thursday, January 6, the United States government said that when the Super. by the military, all rules of operation must be adhered to Tucano jets.

The Punch reports that the jets should be used in the northwest and north-central regions of the C to ensure that The activities of bandits and terrorists operating in these areas will be paralyzed.

According to the US, the jets should not be used in operations that intervene beyond the traditional role of the Law enforcement agencies reporting to the police.

Sahara reporters said in their report that the press attaché of the US Embassy, ​​Jeanne Clark, the Nigerian government and the military to ensure that the rights of every citizen are respected while at the same time addressing the insecurity that plagues the nation.

Clark said:

“We are happy to that the Nigerian Air Force has the A-29 Super Tucano s successfully used against Boko Haram and ISIS-WA. “

FG to use Tucano jets against terrorists, bandits and malami

Bandits and terrorists, especially in the north, the federal government will soon get a nasty surprise.

This is so. The newly purchased Super Tucano fighter jets are being used across the country against armed criminals.

The welcome development was made on Tuesday 4th January by Justice Minister AGF Abubakar. communicated to Malami.

Boko Haram in big trouble as FG receives the last batch of Tucano fighter jets from the US

While terrorists and other criminal elements continue Wage war Nigeria has received a significant boost to the government to combat uncertainty.

All 12 Super Tucano fighter jets paid for by the Nigerian government have arrived from the United States .

The first group of six landed in Nigeria sometime in July and their arrival was announced by the Nigerian Air Force