Sep 21, 2021

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VAT: Rivers State Challenges Court Order, Heads to Supreme Court

  • The Rivers State government has appealed to the Supreme Court to challenge an appeals court ruling
  • The appeal was in the VAT dispute between the state and the federal tax office (FIRS)
  • The appellate court had asked the parties to maintain the status quo with the collection of VAT until a decision on an appeal filed by FIRS

The government of the state of Rivers is attacking an order from the appellate court about the ongoing added value tax dispute between it and the Federal Tax Office (FIRS), reports the newspaper Punch.

< p class = "align-left"> To this end, the state government has appealed to the Supreme Court and challenged the court order on 10 grounds of appeal.

The Rivers state government claims that the judges of the appellate court committed an error of law in issuing an order to maintain the state us quo, added Channels Television. Rivers state also argues that the appellate judges learned one They committed legal errors when they mistakenly assumed jurisdiction for the oral application in the case.

VAT: Wike threatens to showdown with FIRS

Previously, Governor Nyesom had Wike of the state of Rivers threatened to “take over” all offices of the Federal Inland. Revenue Service (FIRS) in the oil-rich South-South state if the government agency continues with their “bullying”.

The governor spoke at a stakeholder meeting in Port Harcourt, the Capital of the state, and turned to entrepreneurs in the state.

Wike urged the state’s oil companies, construction companies, and other business owners to start paying their sales tax to the state government in September.

The Lagos government teams up with Rivers in the VAT battle against FIRS

Meanwhile, the Lagos State government filed a lawsuit with the Court of Appeal on Friday September 10th in Abuja, in order to join the complaint filed by FIRS against the state of Rivers as a co-respondent.

FIRS challenged the judgment of the Federal Court of Justice in Port Harcourt, according to which the state of Rivers is empowered to the Value Added Tax VAT to move into his area.

The Attorney General of Lagos, Moyosore Onigbanjo (SAN), informed the court of the state’s interest in party appeal.

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