Jun 18, 2021

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Video Digest: President Buhari Will Not Do Third Term – Primate Ayodele

Watch the five(5) top videos below:

1. I was born into a Deeper Life Family – Babalawo Oluwo Olakunle reveals

Oluwo Olawole Olakunle doesn’t fit the expected idea of how a Babalawo should look. He uses the latest gadgets and he is just twenty-nine years old. In this interview with Abisola Alawode, he reveals his family background, how his parents were strong members of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, how he was disowned by his family and how true babalawo’s do not use human beings for sacrifice.

2. I left my child’s father because he nearly beat me to death – Amputee single mum

When I went to stay with him, he started beating me to the extent that he nearly beat me to death, so, I ran away from him. I am not willing to go back to him because of his hot temper. I just need work to do, to take care of my baby,” Chiamaka, 28, told Legit TV, during a recent interview.

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3. President Buhari will not do third term – Primate Ayodele

President Buhari is a man of honour, President Buhari is a man of God, he will honour his words, he will not go for a third term,” Primate Ayodele told Legit tv during a recent interview. He also asked the federal government to take the herdsmen crisis seriously as the killer herdsmen are fast becoming another terrorist organization.

4. We want to go to school – Twin street hustlers

Hassan and Hussein are two young boys from Kano who eke out a living for themselves on the streets of Benin City in Edo State. According to them, their father is a Suya vendor in Kano but their mother, whom they’re within Benin, is the inspiration behind their hustle.

Even though they seemed ignorant of what Boko Haram is, they’d rather go to school in Benin than to return to Kano, as they explained in this short interview.

5. The Naija Woman: I didn’t know my husband was married – Single mum

After her unpleasant experience with her husband, Mrs Tunmise Adebayo has vowed never to be with any man again, as she claims that all men are the same. The 36-year-old mother of three children noted that her husband impregnated her even though he was already married with children. She is now focused on her kids as she says she is no longer giving love a chance.

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