Jan 20, 2022

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Video: Former Imo speaker loses temper, scatters table when youth accuses him of nonperformance – Legit.ng

Former Speaker of the Imo State House of Representatives, Chiji Collins, has had mixed reactions on social media>

He was furious about that Member of his constituency criticized his performance in office. During the incident, people were seen trying to hold him back.

In the meantime, reactions quickly followed developments, with many Nigerians taking the side of the youth against Collins .

Here are the reactions from Facebook to the incident.

Onis Dickson Odum

” I love this guy’s tenacity, I wish all teenagers would have the brains to speak to their government official like that, the guy should take care of him as well, such an angry man can come up with a plan to eliminate him. “

Oscarlukas Cino Chukwualuka

“Allow him to talk, allow him to finish his speech, why throw down the kola out of aggression? Tomorrow the plan of assassination begins, if If you are really innocent of his accusation, you should have done it, keep calm and listen, needles for U Interruption, interruption is in the company of the corrupt, you have just exposed yourself to the blunt truth, great man. “

Abdul Abdul

” If it’s him going really well there is no need to be angry. You are ready to take control of people’s wealth, and you should also be ready to answer questions and other policy-related challenges. “

Olagunju Kayode

“If you don’t fight for your rights no one, no community would fight for you, don’t choose untrustworthy leaders, until the whole country doesn’t raise anything, no progress would happen.”

Valentine Ebuka Okparanaku

“Good things from the outspoken young man, it is now clear that the only work the former speaker will do after 8 years is this Collecting cola on this tray again, I’m sure he won’t finish. “

Imohowo Udoh

” That clearly shows that he is is not a good leader. When he can’t listen to his constituents and explain where he couldn’t make them up for them and instead fall into anger, he has revealed himself to the public that he is indeed a failure. “

Phils Elekwe

” We need more young people like this in every constituency in Nigeria ….. Sometimes all these leaders or so-called politicians think it’s theirs right not to forget that they all have privileges, not right. “

In another report, Legit.ng reported that son-in-law Uche Nwosu will amaze in Nigeria Former Imo state governor Rochas Okorocha appreciated his aide who made a live video of his arrest.

Recall that it is in the Anglican Church St. Peter in Eziama panicked Obieri in the Nkwerre parish of Imo state on Sunday g, December 26, 2021, when Uche Nwosu was taken away by armed police during the service.

However, the adjutant had the presence of mind to record the arrest by the police.