Sep 25, 2022

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Video Reveals Moment EFCC Operatives Broke Into Okorocha’s House Through The Roof –

  • Parts of Rochas Okocha’s house in Abuja were destroyed by EFCC agents who broke in on Tuesday 24 May
  • A video showed the determination of the employees broke open part of the roof of the APC presidential candidate
  • In the short video clip, the EFCC employees were seen dealing with the damaged Roof access to Okorocha’s house

FCT, Abuja – Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) staff who arrested Rochas Okorocha were granted access to his residence in Abuja Dach.

A popular video showed the EFCC officers who wanted to detain the former Imo governor , did a lot to break into his living room.

< p class="align-left">As shown in the video clip, the armed agents had to remove part of the roof of the Destroying the building and entering the salon.

One ​​of Okorocha’s family members was him. When the roof was damaged, they said they killed the All Progressive Congress (APC) presidential candidate without a document want to arrest.

In the same video Okorcha also confirmed that the agency staff wanted to pick him up with an arrest warrant.

See the video below:

Also , TVC News also shared a Youtube video of the massive damage done to the home after agents gained access to it.

The video shows Okorocha lying on the ground and praying while EFCC breaks into his house

< p class="align-left">Meanwhile, there was a video showing Okorocha threw himself on the ground on Tuesday May 24 as EFCC agents attempted to gain entry to his home in Abuja.

In de In a video shared on Youtube by one of the former Imo governor’s relatives, he was seen praying with family members while all the doors in the house were closed.

Okorocha was heard repeating these words in prayer:

“Come and help me, my Lord and my God. Thank you Almighty God.”

EFCC agents storm Okorocha’s residence in Abuja

Previously, Okorocha’s residence in Abuja was on Tuesday from EFCC staff stormed.

A team from the Anti-Graft Agency was seen at Okorocha’s home in the Maitama area of ​​the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) to arrest him.< /p>