May 27, 2022

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Watch Video of Pastor Using Mouth To Spit Water on His Members Heads –

Nigerians have reacted on social media to a popular video in which a pastor was seen spitting water from his mouth onto the heads of members of his church.

The video shared on Facebook by the famous journalist Adeola Fayehun has seen many Nigerians condemning the religious situation in the country.

Here are Nigerians’ reactions to the video:

Isaac Promise

“I know how we got there, it is the direct result of the constant sermons that about the sanctity that comes with being a MOG, that he owes the congregation no explanation of anything, nor do they have the right to question him, it’s something like papal infallibility, the notion that Saints are made believe their MOG can’t be wrong, so they take everything he says as App trust of God true, even when bereft of sound biblical doctrine, they still timidly obey.”

Raffie Diab

“I’m glad for exposing these scammers who are using religion to scam vulnerable people in Africa and Nigeria in particular. I hope people will be enlightened and wake up to what these pastors and fake imams really represent.”

“I’ve always said that religion plays a big part in why we live in Africa are so poor and backward. We spent so much time and resources in religion and not in education. China has just shown us how education can lift millions of people out of abject poverty. If we believe that religion and miracles will make us rich, then let’s keep dreaming.”

Khalif Braide

“Due to lack of knowledge coupled with increased spiritual blindness they cannot see when the devil and his demons will invade their lives. If the devil and his agents gain access, people will inevitably start behaving abnormally and irrationally because the devil and his agents are now running their lives.”

Akor Gerard Clement

“Seriously! That’s ridiculous. I think every preacher needs a certified degree in philosophy and theology from certified institutions in order to work. You really need purpose and direction. My opinion should. So sad!”

Bolanle Kosoko Fatona

“People should know that they don’t have to go anywhere for miracles or answers to prayer, God hears everyone’s prayers, even those who don’t even pray to him, he helps them. People must read their Bible, be filled with Holy Spirit to receive direct knowledge from God.”

Man-made religion killed Osinachi, Nollywood actress Dorothy Njemanze

Nollywood actress and founder of the Dorothy Njemanze Foundation, Dorothy Njemanze, said man-made religion could be blamed for the death of Nigerian gospel singer Osinachi Nwachukwu.

Reports claimed that the singer was beaten in the chest by her husband and died in a hospital in Abuja.

Nollywood actress Dorothy Njemanze said religion plays a role in an exclusive conversation with a large part in the death of Osinachi, who says that people are more religious than spiritual, as the case may be.