Sep 21, 2021

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What Transpired When Buhari Visited Imo: Presidency Reveals the Whole Truth, Clarifies Comment

  • President Buhari held a meeting with some southeastern leaders whom he was visiting on a day-long visit to Imo State
  • The Presidency has determined that Buhari’s closing remarks at the meeting are being intentionally skewed and given different meanings
  • The President’s Advisor Femi Adesina explained what the President meant when he addressed the state governor Imo said that he would be careful with your future invitations

FCT, Abuja – After twisting it, what President Muhammadu Buhari said in his final statement during his visit to Imo State, the presidency came out to clear the air.

President Spokesman Femi Adesina said in a statement on his Facebook page on Sunday September 12th: the statement was made intentionally skewed and out of context.

He stated that those who like to spread false information, Nig. Erians want to believe that the President, Governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo state bluntly said, “I will be careful with your future invitations.”

According to him, different meanings have been given to the phrase added, in contrast to the context in which the president spoke to some Igbo leaders during his dialogue.

What Buhari really meant

Description of Buhari Visiting Imo State described as very successful, Adesina said that an enthusiastic President Buhari had made it clear that he was expressly overwhelmed by the reception he received.

Statement, What his boss meant when he said he would be careful in the future, the president’s spokesman said Buhari was only referring to an earlier statement.

Adesina quoted Buhari with the Words:

“He didn’t tell me that he was the entire Igb o-leadership would bring here. So if he invites me in the future, I’ll know what to do. But I think he did what the military didn’t like. He achieved surprise. He surprised me indescribably. ”

He went on to explain that in the President’s final statement he was based on his earlier remarks on the ” surprise ” action by the governor.

“On a lighter note, he quipped, ” Governor of Imo State, I can’t thank you enough, but I’ll be careful with your future invitations’.”

Igbos are important for Nigeria

President Buhari visited Imo state, which is considered the hub of the operations of the banned Pro-Biafra group, on Thursday, September 9th. Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB), in southeastern Nigeria.

The president, who said that the Igbo people in Nigeria were relevant, wondered why some of them were after Screaming separation.

During his visit, he told the leaders of the Southeast that it was unthinkable for an Igbo man not to consider himself part of Nigeria.

< h2> Buhari’s Igbo at Reifen Raises Reaction

Social media has been flooded with reactions from Nigerians expressing their views on President Buhari’s performance during his one-day working visit to Imo state.

While many felt that the President’s Igbo attire (Isiagu, meaning the lion’s head) were not tailored properly, others even went so far as to instantly arrest the designer by the Department of State Service to request.

Another part of online commentators wa In fact, said Schneider was tracked down and arrested by the security authorities.

For the record, there has never been an arrest by the DSS and reports claiming otherwise , are fake news that must be avoided and thrown overboard.