May 27, 2022

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Who Worked Against Former Finance Minister Kemi Adeosun? At Last, APC Senator Opens Up –

  • There is a strong allegation that the South West was behind the departure of Kemi Adeosun, former finance minister
  • The allegation has been made posted Tuesday, May 3, by Senator Ali Ndume, the chair of the Senate Armed Forces Committee
  • Ndume claimed that the Southwest is edging out Adeosun with the trivial matter of their NYSC certification have

Senator Ali Ndume, the chair of the Senate Committee on the Nigerian Army, has claimed the Southwest is behind the departure of a former finance minister , Kemi Adeosun, out of office.

According to the Borno federal legislature, the issuance of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) certificate in connection with Adeosun’s resignation from office was trivial.

Ndume further claimed that there was a lot of media hype surrounding the allegations at the time ung.

His words:

“…the Minister of Finance came from the Southwest until the Southwest ousted them because it was the Media hype pushed her away because of the smallness of her NYSC certification.”

North will benefit more is a South president

The senator said so on Tuesday, May 3, in an interview with Channels TV, in which he said the North would benefit greatly if a Southerner became President in 2023.

In a publication by The Cable, Ndume reportedly said:

“Personally, I think we’ll be better off with the President from the South. The current President is from the North and if you look at it analytically, the South has benefited more. If the President is from the South, we will benefit more, as we did previously during Jonathan’s tenure.

β€œIt pays more for the North when there is a Southern President. It’s the South that pays when there’s a Northern President. When Buhari was appointed, the south benefited more. You have the vice president and the vice president is so powerful because the president handed the country over to him once when he left – that was unprecedented.”

NYSC Certificate Saga: Ex-Minister Adeosun Finally Breaks the Silence< /h2>

Remember that Adeosun explained how to move on after the NYSC certification saga.

Adeosun said she cried every day for three months without working.