Oct 21, 2021

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Why We seized Peter Odili’s Passport, Nigerian Immigration Service Reveals

  • Revelations have been made as to why Peter Odili’s international passport was confiscated by the NIS
  • According to the NIS on Friday the 8th. October, the order to confiscate the passport of the former governor of Rivers was issued by the EFCC.
  • NIS attorney Jimoh Abdulkadir Adamu told the federal court in Abuja, that the order came with a letter from the commission to the service

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) ordered the confiscation of Peter’s international passport Odili.

This revelation was made by the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) on Friday October 8th, reported by the Nigerian Tribune.

NIS, through his lawyer Jimoh Abdulkadir Adamu, presented a letter to the federal court in Abuja on Friday to prove that the order was issued by the EFCC.

Adamu stated that the anti-transplant agency gave the order because the former governor of Rivers was on their watch list for some violations of the law.

In addition, the NIS attorney asked the court to dismiss the case because the name on the confiscated passport did not match Odili who filed the lawsuit.

Prominent former governor the EFCC watchlist, passport confiscated

In the meantime Odili has been placed on the EFCC watchlist. The NIS announced this on Wednesday, September 15, in response to a lawsuit by the former governor in a federal court in Abuja.

Adamu requested adjournment for him to “be.” Bring the house in order ”.

Odili’s lawyer Ifedayo Adedipe did not refuse the request for adjournment. The court then adjourned the matter for a hearing until September 28th.

Former Governor Odili has challenged the confiscation of his passport at Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport in Abuja. In the fundamental rights lawsuit, he alleged that his international passport with the number B50031305 had been confiscated on June 20 by officials of the service.