Jul 28, 2021

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You goofed, Akeredolu, others chide Malami on open grazing comments

Yesterday, after Federation Attorney General and Justice Minister Abubakar Malami ruled that southern governors’ ban on open grazing was unconstitutional, it was a spate of convictions.

Malami speaking on The Politics broadcast Channels Television’s Today said on Wednesday night the governors’ decision “is inconsistent with constitutional provisions and is therefore not holding water.

“ For example, it is so good that the governors of the north come together to to say that they are banning the aftermarket in the north. Does it consider water for a governor in the north who explicitly states that he is now banning the spare parts trade in the north? “

However, he advised governors to work towards amending the 1999 constitution to ban open grazing. “If you are talking about constitutionally guaranteed rights, it is better to go back and make sure the constitution is changed. It is a dangerous determination for any Nigerian governor to believe he can compromise on the freedom and freedom of individuals to move around, “he said.

It was a cacophony of reactions and Beats that contradicted the submission of the AGF. Ondo State Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, who declared as chairman of the Forum of Governors of the Southwest, was the first to expose the Attorney General: “Our decision is irreversible and will be enforced.”

Akeredolu said: ” It is extremely unfortunate that the AGF is unable to solve problems as expected from a senior advocate. Nothing can be more unsettling. This outbreak should not usually elicit a reaction from sane people who know the difference between a legitimate business that is not harmful anyway and a taste for anarchy.

“Sticking to an anachronistic model of animal husbandry, which obviously affects the harmonious relationship between the shepherds and the peasants as well as the local population is angry and arrogant.

“To compare this anachronism, which led to the loss of life, farmland and property, and the host communities immeasurable difficulties has been preparing to buy and sell auto parts is not just strange. It annoyingly reveals a terrible attitude.

“Mr. Malami is advised to go to the court to question the legality of state laws governing open grazing and the Southern Governor’s decision ‘Ban forum in the interests of their people. We will be very ready to meet him in court. “The governor of Ondo stated:” The decision to ban open grazing remains in place. It is being enforced vigorously. “

Also Dave Umahi, Governor of Ebonyi, said that those who oppose the idea of ​​banning open grazing are the resolutions of the 17 Governors of the South, which yesterday referred to as the” Asaba Agreement ” have been strongly defended I want the murders to continue. Umahi made the remark in the presidential villa in Abuja, where he had been introduced at the presidential press conference.

Responded to the AGF’s claim that the ban on pasture in the south was like the ban on spare parts sales in the north the governor said those who held this view did not understand the situation.

Umahi, who explicitly stated that the south has no grazing routes, argued that allowing cows to roam freely is entering other people’s property Peoples.

He said it was development that led to crises and murders, which also led to the establishment of the Eastern Security Network (ESN).

In Similarly, the pro-yorubic social and political group Afenifere said that Malami’s comment was not only sectarian but also labeled it emotional arousal. The panel’s general secretary, Chief Sola Ebiseni, said the AGF was an “agent provocateur”, adding that his comment “did not come as a surprise to Nigerians.

” It got him only miserably exposed as the most unsuitable for the office of attorney general, who has always admitted his sectarian disposition due to his excellent qualifications.

“Every time Malami perceives a threat to In the interests of the shepherds of Fulani, he takes action quickly He was ready to vehemently denounce the Amotekun South West regional security initiative as being directed against Fulani shepherds and therefore declared it unconstitutional when asked to approach the court , he had developed cold feet since then.

“For Malami, most states already have laws prohibiting open grazing and the Erk Governors’ declaration should only bring an existing law into effect. It is the animal that is forbidden to graze openly and to be moved on foot, except that Malami intends to extend the inalienable human rights in the constitution to animals in order to defend a culture that pays more attention than cattle People.

“Malami mischievously played the role of a provocateur when he urged the governors of the north to ban the aftermarket in which southerners are involved. Given their religious and cultural sensitivities, some of the northern states have enacted laws banning the trafficking of alcoholic substances and have been found to destroy millions of dollars in such goods even though they are part of the VAT levied on these goods and no one is above it cries. ”

Apex Igbo’s sociocultural organization Ohanaeze Ndigbo yesterday reprimanded the AGF, calling him” the chief law officer who twists the law at will “.

Ohanaeze Ndigbo reiterated In a statement by his National Publicity Secretary, Chief Alex Chiedozie Ogbonnia, support for the position taken by the southern governors at their meeting in Asaba.

“Malami knows that there is never a conflict between the southern parts sellers and gave to the native northerners. The engine parts sellers serve the population from a shop or a shade and are in no way comparable to the Fulani herders who invade farmland, destroy grain, hollow out, maim, kidnap and kill women.

EMINENT lawyers also criticized the AGF’s position on the recent ban on open grazing by the governors of the south. Constitutional Attorney and Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) chief Mike Ahamba said it was the authority of governors to stop the threat of open grazing in their states.

According to him, if the nature and Wise Cattle If they are grazed now, it is inconsistent with the security of the states that govern them. You have the right to call the state assemblies to pass laws to control the situation, and there is nothing emotional about it. “

He urged the state assembly houses to immediately draft laws to put the resolution on paper. The human rights lawyer Ebun Adegboruwa (SAN) also contradicted the position of the AGF. He stressed that since the proponents of open grazing support him with the right to free movement granted under Section 41 of the Constitution, this section could not be interpreted as a violation of other constitutional provisions, in particular Section 43, which governs the right to private or public Property.

According to him, “You cannot use the right to move people and cattle to violate another citizen’s right to own property such as land or farmland, or you become an intruder.”

Another SAN, Oladipo Olasope, said malami was wrong for this attitude. “The land within the state belongs to the state government under the Land Use Act. Therefore, the state governors have the right what land is used for. So Malami shouldn’t be saying that. It cannot have the force of law. Let him go to court and see if the court upholds his claim to say so. The country is held in trust by the governor for the people. Malami is very wrong. “

A former Nigerian Ambassador to the Philippines, Dr. Yemi Farounbi, said the statement was devoid of logic and lack of legal understanding. He added that his qualification as the country’s chief law officer was controversial. < / p>

Ambassador Farounbi said: “The Federation Attorney General has contributed so much psychological poverty with his declaration that governors have no right to legislate for the good governance of their states that one begins to wonder, whether he actually does it has the qualifications that entitle him to the attorney general. A governor of a state is responsible for ensuring the safety of life and property. To do this, the governor said there would be no open grazing and the attorney general said there would be no open grazing , who is supposed to be the chief judicial officer of the federal government, begins to doubt the constitutional responsibility of the governor, the state z u rule. Something is wrong here. “

REACTING, Senate Spokesman Ajibola Basiru, has mandated President Muhammadu Buhari to remove the AGF immediately to compare the open grazing of cattle to the auto parts business. Lawmakers said it was logical to equate the activities of “archaic nomadic shepherds who destroy people’s livelihoods with others who legitimately do business by selling spare parts in their stores”.

The Senator noted that the attorney general’s testimony is one capable of derailing the unity, peace and progress of Nigeria, and therefore called for the AGF’s immediate impeachment, saying, “Anyone who does not rise above the original sentiments and being able to follow the ethnic agenda of the parish does not need to have a position of trust, especially during this time of agitation in the sections. “

Senator Walid Jibrin, a Fulani leader and patron of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN), has supported the call for a ban on open grazing of cattle in the countryside. According to Jibrin, the Sarkin Fulani Nasarawa, Nigeria lags far behind other countries that have modernized pastureland.

He said, “Given the current international concerns about livestock farming in Africa, particularly Nigeria, it needs to be examined how this practice is best carried out successfully. We must note that land in Nigeria is owned by individuals, families, federal and state governments. “

Jibrin added:” As a full-blooded Fulani man, Sarkin Fulani and Patron Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria have free opinion about anyone who bans open grazing, the free movement of shepherds and cattle recommends in Nigeria as the practice is internationally outdated and therefore it is necessary for Nigeria, especially the Fulani breed, to critically study the traditional open grazing areas. “