Sep 21, 2021

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You misinterpreted facts on N20b loan, Bello tells EFCC

Following yesterday’s meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari in the presidential villa in Abuja, Bello stated that he would enter the government building with integrity and leave it intact despite the allegations made by the EFCC.

The governor stressed that said Anti-transplant agency went too far with the joke, insisting that Kogi was the only state that published how the rescue fund was used on its website.

A federal court in Lagos had ordered that The Kogi government salary bank resident at a commercial bank was frozen because of an alleged N20 billion loan taken out by the state.

His words: “A Kogi government’s salary account is not frozen. None of our accounts are frozen or embargoed by EFCC. I think it’s just a misrepresentation of facts or a joke that goes too far.

“My Commissioner for Information and all stakeholders have responded appropriately to the lies spread by the EFCC, in my opinion. I urge every Nigerian to visit the Kogi State website; all the facts are there. The bank has denied that we have such an account. Also, we used the rescue fund we received according to the agreement between Kogi and the workers. All of this was done in 2019. So there is no 20 billion nutrient account or no 19 billion N fixed deposit account. So I don’t know where the lie came from. “

When asked if he believed the EFCC saga was not related to his ambitions as a 2023 presidential candidate, Bello replied,” The president’s fight against them Corruption has nothing to do with politics. So if you want to attack my outstanding name and my integrity probably because of 2023, you are making a mistake. Fight against corruption should normally have nothing to do with political affiliation or interests. So I wouldn’t say I’m being targeted because of 2023. Targeting me for 2023 is a huge mistake; You won’t be able to get me. “

When asked about his impression of the Abdulrasheed Bawa-led EFCC, Bello said,” I am the very first, not the first, to congratulate Bawa on his appointment to EFCC- Chairman. I appreciated Mr President for identifying a very young, lively and courageous man as the chairman of the EFCC. I would not say that I am disappointed with him because so far there has been one allegation and we have responded. We are waiting for your reaction to our answer so far.

“But I believe that those who orchestrated this phantom lie should be brought to justice as soon as possible; so that the good reputation that EFCC has earned will continue to be highly valued. So I urge Bawa to continue the wonderful work that he has started. He shouldn’t allow anyone to use it for any reason, and I don’t think he will allow anyone to use it for political vengeance. As a young man he has a very long way to go, just like me, and we should be able to conduct ourselves very well in the service of this great country. ”