May 27, 2022

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You Shall Be Hanged Until You Breathe Your Last, Court Sends Ekiti Prince to Death, Here’s His Offence –

  • A chief dispute in the state of Ekiti has caused the death of a monarch, Oba Gbadebo Ibitoye Olowoselu.
  • Oba Olowoselu was assassinated by Prince Omoniyi Ademola Stephen , a 42-year-old who believed he was the right heir to the throne
  • Upon his indictment, the State Supreme Court found Prince Stephen guilty of murder and sentenced him to murder and death by hanging< /strong>

Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State – Prince Omoniyi Ademola Stephen, 42, was sentenced to death by hanging by a high bar Ekiti State Court sitting in Ado Ekiti for killing a monarch, Oba Gbadebo Ibitoye Olowoselu.

Recall that the convict committed the crime in Odo Oro Ekiti in Ikole district, governorate in August 2018.

He was charged with murder, according to the Leadership newspaper.

>The indictment read:

“That you Omoniyi Ad Emola Stephen murdered His Royal Majesty Oba Gbadebo Ibitoye Olowoselu on 20 August 2018 in Odo Oro Ekiti in the Judicial Department of Ikole Ekiti ll, the Onise of Odo-Oro Ekiti in Ikole Administrative Region of Ekiti State.”

Murder of Oba Gbadebo Ibitoye Olowoselu: Chief Testifies in Court

During Prince Stephen’s arraignment, a chief of the town testified in court and recounted how the murder was committed.

He is said to have said:

‘ We were in the palace council meeting for Onise that day, around 7:00 am Before the meeting started, Omoniyi Ademola Stephen entered the palace and sat in Kabiyesi’s seat, but the chiefs frowned and drove him away.

“After meeting the late Onise, accompanied by his male attendant, trekked back to the main palace n, Ademola came out of hiding and attacked Kabiyesi with a knife in the street, stabbing him to death.

“Before that day he had presented himself as the king of the city.”

Prosecutor calls five witnesses

However, the convict, speaking through his attorney, Tope Salami, did not call a witness.

Prince Stephens indictment: Judge issues verdict

In his verdict, Judge Olukayode Ogundana refuted the notion that the accused was mentally ill.

He subsequently sentenced him to death by hanging.

The judge stated:

< blockquote>“Consequently, the accused, Omoniyi Ademola Stephen, is hereby sentenced to death and shall be hanged until he breathes his last.”

Pol Ice arrests “mad man” who killed Oba Olowoselu

Police had conducted a high profile search for him after the suspect stabbed the monarch and fled into the bush on Monday 20th August 2018.

“He has confessed to the crime and our investigation continues. The matter has been referred to the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) for further investigation,” said Caleb Ikechukwu, Police Public Relations Officer.