Aug 9, 2022

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Zamfara massacre: Tears, heartbreak as 143 are buried after deadly attack –

After brutal attacks on several communities in Zamfara state, no fewer than 143 bodies have been recovered and buried.

Daily reports that the Trust Attacks took place on Wednesday, January 5 and Thursday, January 6 in the local districts of Anka and Bukuyyum.

Residents of the area speak to the news publication on Friday, On January 7th, it was announced that more bodies were recovered from bushes as some of the people were surprised on their farmland.

The remains of victims found were beheaded or up to Unrecognizable burned.

A resident identified as Babangida said: “One of the pathetic stories about the bloodbath is that women and children were not spared. When the flames ripped through houses, children and women were not allowed to flee because the terrorists were standing outside waiting for someone to come out.

“The charred bodies of the victims were later recovered and buried. Those who managed to escape seek refuge in some much safer communities. It was really very disastrous.

“More than 10 churches were attacked. This is because the armed men moved from one community to another on motorbikes. Although they have withdrawn, they are not far from the attacked villages, “he said.

A retired soldier told the Daily Trust that the attackers killed over 250 people

“About 2,000 cattle and other domestic animals were rustled while dozens of homes and grocery stores were reduced to rubble. Even if the situation stabilizes, the residents will be left without food, “said another source. The state government and security forces had not officially informed of the attacks at the time of going to press .

Bandits carry out a new attack in Zamfara, burn 5 communities, kill many people

Remember that there has been tension in some communities in the state of Zamfara, when hundreds of residents ran to safety after an attack in five communities in the LGAs Anka and Bukkuyum in the state of Zamfara.

Residents have gathered in the city of Anka, after bandits killed many people in their villages.

The attacked villages are Tungar Geza, Rafin Gero, Kurfar Danya, Kewaye and Tungar Na More.

An anonymous source revealed that the attacks from Barikin Daji began in what was considered to be a battle between the bandits and Yan Sakai (the unofficial vigilante group).