Jan 31, 2023

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Zamfara State Govt Asks Residents to Arm Themselves Against Bandits – Legit.ng

  • Residents in Zamfara have been asked to apply for gun licenses to defend against bandits in the state
  • The order was given by the Commissioner of Information of State, Ibrahim Dosara, on behalf of the government
  • For several months, Zamfara has been the epicenter of the banditry of terrorist groups besieging the state

Gusau – The government of Zamfara has urged residents of the northwestern state to arm themselves against bandits.

The government also directed the Zamfara Police Commissioner to issue gun licenses to those authorized to carry guns.

The government further said it was ready to facilitate securing basic weapons for the people, especially the peasants, to defend themselves.

Ibrahim Dosara, Info Information Officer of Zamfara, said in a statement:

“G The government has henceforth directed individuals to prepare and procure weapons to defend against the bandits, just as the government has directed the State Commissioner of Police to issue a license to anyone who wishes to qualify and procure such weapons for self-defense.

“The government stands ready to help people, especially our farmers, acquire basic weapons for self-defense. The government has already made arrangements to distribute 500 forms to all 19 emirates in the state for those willing to get hold of weapons to defend themselves such other simple weapons used in self-defense. A secretariat or center will be set up for gathering information on the activities of whistleblowers.

“People are severely warned and instructed to ensure that any information or information about an whistleblower is truthful and nothing but that are truth, since all information about such whistleblowers must contain correct data about the suspects, including their pictures, correct names, address, occupation.

“Any person who gives false information against anyone will be punished the same as an informant and will be treated as such.

“The Government has asked the State House of Assembly , to pass this , as a matter of urgency, to present the whistleblower bill so that the government can take the drastic measures against whistleblowers as contained in the bill the 19 emirates of the state, so 500 per emirate, to increase their manpower and strengthen their strength and capacity to deal with the bandits.”

The commissioner also said the government has set up a committee to ensure the proper implementation of the measures.< /p>

Dambazau Calls for Purge of Guns and Drugs Among Fulani Youth

Recall that a former Minister of the Interior called Lieutenant General Abdulrahman Dambazau (RTD) recently called for an urgent cleanup of guns and drugs among Fulani youth as part of practical solutions to the ugly kidnapping trend in the country.

Dambazau called in his paper entitled “Dilemma of the Fulani pastoralist” presented at the Pastoralist and Fulani Security Conference in Abuja. Dambazau called for a gun and drug cleanup among young Fulani people in the country.

According to him, one of the steps should be to block access to guns and clean up all guns that are being used are already circulating in the youth environment of the Fulbe herdsmen.

Uncertainty: Anambra state government begins registering transport companies

In a further development, The Anambra State Government announced the start of biometric counting and registration of all transit companies, organizations and operators in the country.

This was announced in a statement from the Anambra State Internal Revenue Service, AIRS, published and signed on behalf of Sylvia Tochukwu Ngige, Deputy Director/Head, Taxpayer Education and Awareness Team, the Chair.

Participants include transport stakeholders, the shuttle buses, Dre iBikes, popularly known as Keke, operate trucks, including mini-trucks, dump trucks, trucks and taxis.

Source : Legit.ng