May 29, 2022

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162 pupils abducted at night from North West school in five bakkie loads

An apparently drunk group of people pretending to be parents arrived at a North West school on Tuesday night and kidnapped 162 students.

The North West Education Department expressed its dismay at the on Wednesday incident.


The department said the mob arrived at the gates of Boons Mega Farm School in four vehicles around 8:00 p.m. Tuesday. They wanted the students at Tirelong Secondary School who were housed at the farm school after criminals stole power cords, faucets, the roof, books, window frames, doors and kitchen utensils from the school.

Tirelong School still has no running water or electricity and the students had to be relocated to make sure they didn’t miss out on their education.

They were sent to schools in Moedwil, Naauwpoort and Boons Mega Farm.

When the perpetrators arrived at the gate, according to the department, the security forces refused them entry because they could not produce their required IDs.

This caused a scene and the prospective parents broke down a small gate leading into the school. Security forces managed to prevent the drunks from entering.

The mob then blew whistles to get the attention of Tyrelong students, breaking the hostel’s doors, windows and anti-burglary devices broke in to force them out.

The department claims they asked other children to go with them.

The perpetrators then allegedly took the 162 students in five bakkie loads – the last one left at 5am – leaving them “on the street”.

Only 10 students stayed at school after they fought back and refused to leave without their parents’ permission .

The provincial Minister of Education, Mmaphefo Matsemela, condemns the incident and wants the perpetrators to be held accountable.

“We are very disappointed by such terrible incidents that have taken place in repeat at our boarding schools. This must be stopped immediately and the people behind these incidents arrested.

“You have been removing students from our schools under the pretense of being parents. We have video clips proving they were not parents.

“What worries us more is that instead of taking the students home, they leave them on the street. They expose our children to extreme dangers. We want the police to arrest everyone involved in this unacceptable practice.”

According to the department, this has already happened at the Naauwpoort Mega Farm School. No date was given, but the department said 54 students were abducted from the dorm.

The department arranged a counseling session for the 10 boys left behind.

A case of malicious Damage to property and kidnapping was opened with the police.