Nov 29, 2022

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6km left before the search for the Soweto boy who fell into uncovered manhole is called off for good

After seven days, the six-year-old boy who fell down a manhole while playing with friends in Soweto last Sunday was still nowhere to be seen.

< span>Khayalethu Magadla fell into an uncovered man manhole at a popular park on Mtambo Street in Dlamini, Soweto, and has been missing since Monday.

Police divers, rescue workers, paramedics and city workers have been working hard to rescue him since Monday to be found, but rescue workers believe the chances of finding him alive after so long have been slim.

According to officials, the last hope of finding him is in a Split Chamber sewer in Klipspruit.

The chamber near Avalon Cemetery is the central point to which all sewage and debris flow. There, officials hoped they would make progress.

At 6:00 pm Sunday, spokesman for the City of Johannesburg’s Emergency Management Service, Robert Mulaudzi, said the team was completing operations after another unsuccessful search .

He said for the next hour or so the team would update Magadla’s parents on the day’s events.

“[ We] also show them the footage that was taken in the sewers… because we are committed… to update them daily… which gets really emotional Half an hour to an hour of our briefing them and them also asked us some questions,” said Mulaudzi.

He said the team had managed to cover eight kilometers of the pipeline and still had six kilometers to go before they reached the divided chamber .

The team managed to cover a section where four more manholes were discovered , which were covered.

They used a floating boat equipped with an underwater camera and a surface camera that gave t Line a 360° view of the pipeline. Technicians were also deployed along the pipeline with an external air supply system.

“Unfortunately, we were unable to find anything along this line. As such, we will be shipping our technology [on Monday] from the last main hole discovered today , toward the vent shafts that fall [under] the corners of Main Rd and Fuschia Rd.

“We need to get back together [on Monday] to proceed with the pipeline because we have about two more manholes left.” along the Main Road just before we get to this large chamber 13km away.

“So for now I would say we’ve covered about five miles of the pipeline so we’ll break our search for today.”

Mulaudzi said if nothing was found along the remaining pipeline or the split chamber, they would have to abort the operation.