May 27, 2022

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Advocate Malesela Teffo has himself to blame for courtroom arrest, cops say

Police top management says there was nothing unusual in the dramatic arrest of the lawyer representing Senzo Meyiwa’s alleged killers Thursday in the Pretoria High Court.

In one Statement on Saturday police said Gauteng Police Commissioner Lt-General Elias Mawela had investigated the circumstances of Malesela Teffo’s arrest Mawela’s investigation satisfied.

“Lawyer Teffo was previously arrested by the SA Police Service for combined assault and trespassing after he allegedly assaulted a female SAPS member and entered the SAPS provincial building in Gauteng, violating an injunction of the Supreme Court,” the statement said.

“After failing to appear before Hillbrow Magistrates’ Court on several occasions, including January 27 , an arrest warrant was issued and withheld. The case was remanded to February 10. Attorney Teffo again failed to appear in court and bail was eventually forfeited to the state. An order was then issued by the court to execute the warrant.”

Police said Teffo knew about the warrant “because he contacted the investigating officer about it, which proved that SAPS is in possession von.”

“It’s also worth noting that attorney Teffo previously gave different residential addresses to secure his bail. Those addresses were visited but it was later determined that he could not be located as he no longer resided at the identified addresses.”

Police said the investigating officer held the prosecutor’s office consulted when he found out Teffo would appear before the Supreme Court.

“Upon the advice of the DPP (Head of the Public Prosecutor’s Office), the investigating officer would execute the arrest warrant after the matter was closed, so as not to cause disruption to the court proceedings in a separate matter in which counsel is representing four of the five defendants.

“While the intent was to execute the warrant outside of the courtroom, the way events unfolded made it a challenge for the team.

“As soon as the court was adjourned, the investigating officer approached the attorney, who made his way to the court door.

“It is important to do this after the Info mation to emphasize the supporter of the execution of the arrest warrant and to be informed of his rights, the lawyer went back into the courtroom.

“The investigating officer then followed him back into the courtroom to ensure that he read the contents of the arrest warrant fulfilled,” the statement said.

Police denied the rudeness.

“Attorney Teffo did not cooperate with the investigating officer, which justified the call for help from the members of the tactical response team already deployed before same court for escort duties.

“Police are responsible for arresting a suspect to ensure he/she appears in court. Therefore, the execution of the warrant in this case was the investigating officer’s initiative in consultation with his commander, which is part of the day-to-day duties of the members.”

Teffo appeared in Hillbrow Magistrates’ Court Friday. He has been granted bail of R10,000 and his case has been adjourned to May 27.

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