Dec 9, 2022

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AfriForum, DearSA in court to fight extended Covid-19 regulations

AfriForum and public participation platform DearSA have filed a court action challenging government regulations on how to deal with Covid-19 after the end of the state of disaster.

In the lawsuit filed on Monday, the organizations requested that High Court in Pretoria to review and overturn the Health Secretary’s decision to publish regulations on surveillance and control of reportable diseases, published on May 4th.

The organizations are also asking the court to issue the regulation for unconstitutional and void.

AfriForum and DearSA brought the lawsuit after the health department published the health regulation last week.

“This means that the government is permanently enforcing mask requirements and restrictions on gatherings be able. The regulations also give Joe Phaahla, the Secretary of Health, sole authority to determine how long such regulations should be implemented and when they can be lifted,” AfriForum said in a statement.

AfriForum said so and DearSA posed also questioned the validity of the public participation process conducted by the department prior to the implementation of the regulations.

The two organizations said they submitted more than 310,000 public comments combined.

< p>“Citizens of this country are not pawns on a government chessboard to be pushed around whenever power-hungry officials feel like it.”

“AfriForum will challenge these regulations in the highest courts, if necessary, to ensure that the rights of citizens are enforced Fully restored. Citizens are fed up with the state constantly encroaching on their personal liberties,” said Jacques Broodryk, AfriForum campaign manager.

In their motion, AfriForum and DearSA said if the Minister of Health intends to oppose this motion , he must do so in writing on or before May 17.

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