Sep 25, 2022

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AfriForum goes to court to challenge five-year driving licence renewal

AfriForum said Thursday it would file court filings to review and lift the requirement for driver’s license cards to be renewed every five years apply to the extent that they limit the renewal period for driver’s license cards to five years are (beyond legal powers), unreasonable, arbitrary and vaguely punishable or fined by law for not being in possession of a renewed driver’s license card, as such a penalty does not exist exists,” AfriForum said in a statement. p>

The National Road Traffic Act and regulations were said to be too vague to be practical. AfriForum said the legislation does not make a clear distinction between a “driver’s license” and a “driver’s license card”.

“Nor does it specifically state that motorists must apply for new driver’s license cards upon expiry. It doesn’t even state that it is a crime to drive with an expired license – nor does it prescribe any fines, penalties or sanctions.”

AfriForum said the legislation is not clear, concise or internally harmonious enough to allow the public to know with some degree of certainty what is expected of them.

“Furthermore, the legislation is ultra vires. In other words, the government cannot punish the public unless they can clearly demonstrate which law is being broken. Any such punishment is a violation of the law,” said Reiner Duvenage, campaign strategy and content officer at AfriForum.

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