Jan 31, 2023

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AfriForum takes striking Eskom workers to court

Hours after Eskom announced on Tuesday that it would implement Level 6 load shedding, largely due to an unprotected workers’ strike at its plants, AfriForum said it was taking legal action against the strikers.

The civil rights organization said she had instructed her legal team to bring an urgent application to the High Court in Pretoria “to compel law enforcement to take action against striking Eskom employees who are intimidating and harassing their colleagues”.

“Eskom admitted during announced at a media conference that they already had a court order declaring the strike illegal. However, the utility has not yet enforced this order,” says AfriForum.

“The industrial action has resulted in Eskom being forced to introduce Level 6 load shedding because non-striking employees are struggling with alleged Sabotage, intimidation and interference by striking employees left the lights on.

“Several Eskom managers’ houses were allegedly set on fire.”

AfriForum moved to Eskom workers there reminding that power plants were classified as national key points and appropriate measures had to be taken to protect the sites.

The organization called on the police to ensure the key points were protected, adding that they should have already intervened .

“The police should have already acted to stop the impending strike at the affected power plants.

“The situation has escalated so badly that we suspect that the police have to enlist the help of the Defense Forces to get the situation under control.”

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