Aug 4, 2021

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Aged 50 to 59? Alan Winde wants you to be able to register for the Covid-19 vaccine

Western Cape Prime Minister Alan Winde says it is time the government opened registration of Covid-19 vaccines to residents aged 50 to 59 years.

Winde said there were none.For this reason, this should not happen while vaccinations continue for citizens 60 and older as part of the second phase of the Covid-19 vaccine program.

The second phase started in May and is expected to be completed in October. The government intends to vaccinate 5.5 million citizens aged 60 and over by the end of June.

Winde said he was at the President’s Coordination Council meeting this week pointed out and will take the matter forward with the national government.

“I am concerned that we will be giving up registration until the last minute and we should be better off now.” a lot of people register so that we can move on to the next phase seamlessly and without delays, “said Winde.

” I will continue to make these arguments in my engagement with the national government, because we have to make sure that we are ready for the next phase as soon as possible. ”

He also called on residents of the province who are over 60 years old to register.

“We now have 50% of all eligible residents in this age group pe exceeded, but we have to reach almost 70% if we want to achieve herd immunity in the future, “said Winde.

More va ccines for Western Cape

Winde said the province will receive an estimated 140,000 doses of Pfizer on June 24th.

He said that Delivery would allow the province to ramp up its vaccination program by the end of June, with the arrival of more Johnson & Johnson vaccines also expected to help boost the vaccination process.

“So far we received a total of 245,700 vaccines for phase 2, of which we administered 213,356, that is 86.8% of the administered vaccines, “said Winde.

” We can also have one Achieve a minimum of 120,000 vaccinations per week or 24,000 per day and can further scale to 150,000 per week or 30,000 vaccinations per day if we receive additional vaccines. ”