Jun 22, 2021

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All load shedding schedules for Gauteng, Cape Town & Durban – 18 May

We are going to take all the good news from Eskom for now, and while the threat of load shedding on Tuesday has not yet been fully resolved, the outlook for that day now looks more promising – the cuts for Stage 2 are now on hold and will only be off Return at 5:00 p.m. Here are the updated schedules for Gauteng, Cape Town and Durban Tuesday May 18th

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  • – Go to the City Power homepage and provide a direct update in your suburb of when load shedding is expected for you and your regional community.
  • – With the help of this calendar you can also get a weekly monthly overview. It’s easy!
  • – If you have saved your block number, you can of course check in with the City Power Twitter updates.


  • – Both cities in Gauteng have similar systems …
  • – Pretorians can find their load shedding group by consulting this list. It’s an easy way to prepare for power outages.
  • – You can view this schedule to know exactly when your suburb will receive load shedding on each day of the month.
  • – You already know you are numbered group? Cracking – You can get your updates on Twitter from City of Tshwane.


  • – Use this map to find out which ‘block’ you live in.
  • – When you have determined which block you are in, consult the table with the following functions.
  • – Find the correct date, scroll down and indicate what time period your block will appear.
  • – In some cases the City of Cape Town has a slightly changed schedule for load shedding …
  • – It is likely that ONLY Stage 1 cuts will return at 5:00 PM.


  • – You know the exercise and will find your block on it List.
  • – Check the city’s official schedule. Hey Presto, you did it!
  • – You can also follow the eThekwini community’s Twitter account for live updates.

Schedule for Tuesday, May 18th

The company released a statement in the middle of the night It was confirmed that there is now enough electricity in the grid again so that we can all take a breather from the current failures. Despite the rapid recovery, there are still concerns about an “evening peak” for electricity demands – meaning the national blackouts will recur later in the day.

Eskom says level 2 load shedding is taking place now only between 5:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. on Tuesday. The five-hour window allows the ailing utility company to avoid “system overload” and South Africans are still urged to “use electricity sparingly”.

In the statement, Eskom affirmed that a large majority of the units that went offline on Sunday evening are now operational again, which significantly reduces the network pressure. The SOE are confident that this will be the last bit of load shedding this week:

load shedding suspended – but how long for?

“Due to an improvement in the power supply system, load shedding will be suspended on Tuesday from 4:00 am. In the past 24 hours, Eskom teams have put seven generation units back into operation. This has helped reduce supply bottlenecks and has enabled us to suspend load shedding. However, this is currently not enough to fully supply the evening summit. “

” The load shedding of level 2 will therefore be carried out this evening from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. The outlook for the rest of the week is expected to improve as Eskom teams work tirelessly to return more generating units. Should this unit deteriorate further, further load shedding may be necessary. “ | Eskom statement

You can read the full communication here: