Aug 10, 2022

Mawazo Writing Africa

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Alleged copper thieves bust in Durban

In a joint operation by police, Transnet, Prasa and Telkom, nearly 700kg of stolen copper was recovered from two suspected illegal scrapyards in Durban.

Police said in a statement that the scrapyards are being used by the economy searched by Infrastructure Task Team in Newlands East.

“The two shipyards were within sight of each other. A total of 682 kg of stolen copper was seized at both shipyards.”

Three men aged between 23 and 51 were arrested and detained at the local police station.

“Two scales and 15 kg Aluminum cables and lids were also recovered. The suspects were arrested for possession of stolen property and tampering with infrastructure.”

Police said arrests would continue “until infrastructure tampering ceases in eThekwini”.

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