Sep 20, 2021

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Alleged killer cop’s behaviour in court shocks Mzansi

Alleged killer cop Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu, newly classified as a “celebrity” in the Palm Ridge High Court, has received mixed reactions online.

< span> On Tuesday, the former constable put on a show for the media before her appearance.

In videos shared online, you could see her hands on her hips, Threw peace signs and fanned herself and asked if they were satisfied with the pictures they took of her.

She even overheard her telling the media that she was made up for her.

“Who would have thought that Rosemary Ndlovu would one day be a celebrity”, she joked in XiTsonga when she spoke to the court interpreter.

“I woke up early to put your make-up on,” Ndlovu joked to reporters.

Ndlovu became one Number of crimes accused , incl fatally killing six people to redeem life insurance policies of which she made herself a beneficiary to the tune of R1.4 million.

She is also accused of allegedly attempting to kill other family members, including her sister and five children, her mother and her niece.

The former police officer is also charged with fraud and violating justice.

TimesLIVE has shared exclusive footage that is allegedly being shown. Ndlovu arranges a punch on her sister to demand an insurance payout.

< span> During her testimony in court, however, Ndlovu denied her involvement in the crimes and protested her innocence.

On social media, many have weighed their behavior in court and some expressed concern about their “lack of emotions”.

Here is a snapshot of d eat what many had to say: