Jan 25, 2022

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Almost all Gauteng Grade 1 and 8 online applicants have been placed

Gauteng’s Education Department announced Friday that it had successfully matched 276,564 online grades 1 and 8 applicants.

The department said it also had more than 17,000 Identified applicants who did not submit all required supporting documents to the requested schools or upload them to the system during the allotted time period.

It was said that this would be considered unsuccessful applications.

The ministry said officials are now taking steps to provide the schools with the necessary support to ensure that the 1,465 applicants who are not matched are accommodated in due time.

The ministry said it is investing in more classrooms to accommodate internships in high pressure areas.

“We have over 240 m of schools for the construction of K lassroom. These funds will enable the construction of 229 classrooms in designated elementary schools and 270 classrooms in designated high schools, “said the ministry.